Exercises for diabetic patients

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exercises for diabetics

To diabetic patients felt better and were able to overcome the symptoms, doctors advise you to do sports physical exercise. It is therapeutic exercises allows the muscles to absorb sugar from which its level in the blood becomes less. Now we know what it takes to exercise in case of diabetes.


exercise for diabetics

of Course, not all physical exercise will help cure diabetes. You need to pick up a set of procedures that most effectively will be able to cope with this purpose. What is gymnastics? In her power to help the patient to lose weight, prevent the formation of plaques in blood vessels and normalizes the circulatory system. Physical exercise can prevent the onset of diabetes and the transition of illness in a complicated stage. The earlier you start to do gymnastics, the faster the result will be felt. And, of course, lessons should be done regularly, not being lazy. Depends on your health.


Therapeutic exercises for diabetics

Earlier it was stated that patients with diabetes need to complete all the exercises, and only certain special complexes. Let's look at one of these. It consists of six physical procedures that you should regularly perform.

1. Morning and evening the patient should undertake walking, alternately accelerating and medley the course.

2. While walking, do not forget to do exercises for the limbs. Waste about five minutes.

3. At home you'll need to hold a dumbbell, weight not exceeding two kilograms. To do with them need about ten minutes.

4. Then proceed to the exercises on the gym wall (should be near the house there is a sports hall). So, with the help of the wall you need to do some exercises for arms and legs, alternating them. Don't forget to finish your workout breathing exercises. For this type of practice should be spent up to ten minutes (for one approach).

5. Try to attach to the practice of his friend, as this type of exercise requires pair. You should perform exercises passing the ball in motion to each other. For each type of exercises you should spend approximately five minutes.

6. To complete the entire complex should the overall physical and breathing exercises. The final stage lasts about four minutes.


Breathing exercises for diabetes patients

As you noticed, the article often mentioned breathing exercises. Nothing complicated about them. They are aimed at the prevention of diseases, including diabetes. The most popular breathing exercises was the exercises by the method of A. N. Strelnikova. It begins with exercises, which is often short and heavy breaths through the nose. Gradually you should work out. After breathing in through the nose slowly exhale the air through your mouth, repeat several times. Do not forget each time you exercise to count - depends on the effectiveness of lessons for practicing correct breathing. No matter in what position is man, he can do the exercises, not forgetting the rhythm. Each inhalation or exhalation should be done within two seconds. During the week, each day the amount of time spent on breathing exercises, should be increased.