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diabetes mellitus is a disease that requires timely treatment, otherwise you may experience serious complications related to the deterioration of the whole body of a sick person. Complications may be early or late, depending on the period in which they arise in the process of the disease.

the main complications that often accompany diabetes in the early stages of its development were ketoacids, hypoglycemia, lactate-cytosis, which may also occur diabetic coma.



Low blood sugar of patient with diabetes mellitus that is caused by a mismatch between the consumption of sugar, energy and production of insulin, which inevitably leads to hypoglycemia. There is this aggravation as a result of excess dose of insulin by the patient, delayed meal or heavy physical activity.

Hypoglycemia is manifested by symptoms such as excessive hunger, cold sweat, sometimes there may be loss of consciousness - this state is called diabetic coma. In such manifestations of exacerbations the patient must drink sweet tea or eat a few pieces of sugar, when somaticheskoe condition - medical personnel administered intravenous glucose. This condition is accompanied by dry mouth, headache, goiter.



Ketoacidosis is the accumulation of such quantities of fat in the body, which he is not in the power to process, with the result that they enter into the urine. This condition is characteristic for people with diabetes 1 type. Very often there are cases when ketoacidosis occurs loss of consciousness, in medicine this condition is called ketoatsidoticheskaya coma. In order to treat the patient injected intravenous fluid and insulin, and only in some cases, it is sometimes necessary to introduce alkaline solutions.



Sometimes, diabetes in the body of the patient formed an excessive amount of lactic acid. This state is called the lactate-cidos and most often seen in people with disorders of the cardiovascular system and in pulmonary diseases. Patients if you experience this aggravation, you must enter alkaline solutions and insulin.


Late exacerbation

Late in the deterioration associated with damage small and large blood vessels, which becomes a cause of visual impairment, the activities of the kidneys, nervous system. Aggravation of diabetes mellitus can cause retinopathy - a disease of the retina, resulting in a person loses vision. Also patients quite often is bleeding into the glass body of the eye.

the Complications associated with impaired activity of the kidneys, leading to the development of diabetic glomerulopathy. In patients with inflamed urinary bladder and other organs of urine-genital system. Sometimes, when delayed treatment or serious complication occurs kidney failure, after which the patient requires hemodialysis or even kidney transplantation.

With the defeat of the nervous system is developing diabetic neuropathy, which is manifested by loss of sensitivity or the occurrence of severe pain.

failure to comply With all rules of treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus and failure to provide timely medical care, development of exacerbations of the disease is inevitable, adversely affecting human health.