Features of blood glucose meters for different ages - for elderly, for children

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Blood glucose meters for different ages
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unfortunately, the number of diabetics is growing every year. And such a device as glucometer in their everyday life has become a vital thing. The meter determines the level of sugar in the blood or plasma. working Principle this device is based on changes that occur in the special interaction of the reagent with the blood of the patient, plotted on test strip. Quantitative expression of these changes and once provided the impetus for the invention of the glucometer.

Because diabetes is a disease affecting various age groups, it is justified by the availability of glucose meters, which by its design and functional features suitable to patients of all ages.


blood Glucose meters for the elderly

blood Glucose meters for the elderlyblood Glucose meters for the elderly people is the most popular category, because many old people suffer from type II diabetes. Receiving glucose-lowering drugs require regular monitoring of blood sugar level easy and affordable way. Therefore, the device must be simple in operation, have a robust design and large display. Low cost will be another advantage glucometer for the elderly.

They do not need additional features such as communication with a personal computer, lots of memory and calculation of averages. Supplies - test strips and lancets - should be affordable and accessible. An example of an ideal model for seniors Bayer Ascensia of Intrest (Ascensia Entrust).


blood Glucose meters for children

blood Glucose meters for kidsblood Glucose meters for children, and especially for newborns, must have very important characteristics - they are used to research a drop of blood minimum volume, and velocity of issue of the result should be the highest possible. This is due to the fact that children usually suffer from insulin-dependent type of diabetes; having a poorly developed compensatory abilities of the body, they quickly go into a coma, and fast results can sometimes be vital. Pain upon puncture children's finger should be minimal. To meet all your requirements glucose meters, Accucheck and pen-progulivali Accuchek Softclix.

Glucose meters Touch van (Ultra, select, UltraISO) widely used for young patients because of their versatility and original design. Some of them resemble a medical device, more like an mp3 player or flash drive. Modern view on diabetes of many patients is that they perceive their condition as a lifestyle, not a disease. In this situation it is natural to give the meter the view, not to arouse painful associations and unpleasant thoughts.