Erection diabetes

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diabetes erectionAmong the many reasons associated with the violation sexual function, first given to the disease diabetes.

a Good erection is only possible when the healthy condition of the blood vessels of the human body. If you have diabetes it is inevitable the occurrence of such conditions as diabetic angiopathy, in which all the vessels lose their elasticity, resulting in the organs and tissues do not receive necessary quantity of blood and oxygen.

in addition, when diabetes is also diabetic neuropathy, which is loss of transmission of impulses from the erection centers to the vessels of the penis peripheral nerves.

an Important factor affecting the erection with diabetes is obesity, in which there is deposition of blood necessary for erection. In addition, it becomes impossible to sex from large loads on the cardiovascular system of the patient weight.

In men with diabetes type 2 and often enough non-existent libido that is associated with production of insufficient amounts of testosterone.

to bring the erection back to normal, you must adhere to some recommendations of experts:


If timely treatment to a specialist, to get rid of the problem of lack of erection and to eliminate the problem, it is possible almost always.