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doctor, diabetesendocrinologist competent in all matters that are associated with the endocrine system, in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of endocrine diseases.

endocrinologist, in addition to other diseases, cures diabetes. If you have: thirst, Polosatiy (increased appetite), weight loss to varying degrees), a tendency to infection, decreased libido or fungal disease - you should definitely seem to the endocrinologist.

What's really in the purview of an endocrinologist? In his scope of work includes issues related to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of endocrine diseases. Also, this doctor treats diabetes.


diabetes and endocrinology

Diseases dealt with by the doctor-endocrinologist of medicine and division of endocrinology is all kinds of diseases of the thyroid gland:


there are several specializations of physicians-endocrinologists:


In endocrinology to prevent disease and stop it at an early stage helps doctors high-tech equipment, development and production of which is carefully handled by specialists around the world. In combination with high professional level of the specialist better equipment allows you to perform all the necessary complex of diagnostic researches, which allow to identify predisposition to the disease diabetes mellitus type 1 or to detect it in time and assign the correct timely treatment.

diabetes endocrinologyendocrinologist diagnoses abnormalities with the endocrine system, and if necessary treats the disease through the correction of violations of vital functions of the endocrine glands: stimulates, inhibits, displaces the production of biologically active substances and hormones that regulate vital body functions.

If in doubt, to what doctor it is better to apply at diabetes type 1, you will help endocrinologist. This is the doctor who will be able to diagnose the disease and plan appropriate treatments. Doctors-endocrinologists are constantly engaged in clinical and fundamental studies on the actual causes of the occurrence of diabetes mellitus and other diseases endocrine system and develop new methods of treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Thanks to the studies, doctors-endocrinologists develop new treatment methods and new drugs.

a Specialist in endocrinology, specifically examining the case, we will be able to choose the best treatment that will help you to quickly cope with the disease. In addition to the usual medical treatment is assigned to a special diet, which helps to cope with the disease, and which must appoint a professional endocrinologist.

do Not forget that timely access to a doctor can help get rid of unwanted complications. Contact your doctor on time, and be healthy!