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Elevated levels of blood sugar in a childthe High content of glucose in the bloodstream or diabetes mellitus is a common disease that develops for various reasons and characterized by excess sugar in the blood. These violations are occurring due to complete or partial deficiency of the hormone insulin in the body, which leads to a not complete absorption and consequently to an increase in blood sugar.

the Excess of glucose in the bloodstream, causing the disease diabetes is growing every year worldwide and is common in women, men and children. Elevated blood sugar levels in a child is the leader among children's endocrine diseases.


diabetes in children

the Mechanism by which the disease develops in children, the main feature of which is an increased level of glucose in the blood, is no different from an adult version of the disease, although has its own characteristics.

the Body of the pancreas that produce the hormone insulin, finally forms its main function in children only to five years. From this age up to eleven years (when an organ increases in size in two times) a child may be more susceptible to disease diabetes.

diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease that occurs acutely in children, due to rapid growth, intensive development of the organism and accelerated metabolism of the child. If the increase of glucose in the bloodstream of the child in a timely manner is not treated, the disease will grow into a heavy progressive form.

the Deviation of a child's blood sugar level from normal towards excess is diagnosed by determining the content of insulin and concentration of glucose in the bloodstream.

diabetes mellitus is associated with in children in two main types:


practice claims - adult patients most commonly suffer from type II diabetes. For children is characterized by the opposite course of the disease, which is characterized by low levels of the hormone insulin in the blood and higher than normal blood sugar levels. As a result, the child insulin therapy.

diabetes mellitus is increasingly threatened children:


the Development of the disease in children depends on the age (when it was discovered the first increase in sugar content). The lower the age a little patient, the more dangerous and difficult for diabetes, because it increases the threat of complications.

once the disease Occurred, will accompany the child throughout life. So he will be forced to regularly measure and reduce slightly exceeded the sugar content of medicines, diet and exercise.