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eggs in diabetes mellitusIn diets for the treatment of patients with diabetes preferred the chicken soft-boiled eggs - cooked, therefore, they are easier absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Also the diet you can vary the protein from scrambled eggs, steamed. From eating egg yolks and fried in a pan of scrambled nutritionists recommend to abstain.

typically, when compiling dietary menu if you have diabetes, include eggs in the first Breakfast. Another popular option is the addition of eggs in the membership of the first and side dishes and variety salads. However, it should be remembered that their use in diabetes should be limited to one-half a day - in any form.

Eating raw eggs is possible, but should not be systematic. Raw is digested much worse. There is another reason - in the protein of a raw egg contains avidin, a substance capable of reducing the effect of Biotin (vitamin b) and to cause some people an allergic reaction. In addition, there is always the risk of getting germs from the surface of the shell.


Quail eggs diabetes treatment

This unique natural product has almost no contraindications to the use and nutritional value and usefulness for the human body is superior to the eggs of other bird species. In the quail egg contains rich set of biologically active substances necessary for the person, and practically no cholesterol. The replacement of eggs of quail in the daily menu is the fact that quail are not ill with salmonellosis, and the contents of their eggs sterile. How useful in diabetes mellitus quail eggs?

quail eggs diabetesdiabetes Patients it is recommended to add in daily diet for 6 quail eggs. In the first two or three days, take 3 pieces, in subsequent days - 6. They are eaten raw on an empty stomach in the morning. At the initial stage of the course (the early days) possible laxative effect, it should not be afraid. For the treatment of diabetes you need 250 pieces, but a daily intake of quail eggs can last up to six months or more. Long-term consumption of this natural product brings only benefits. In this treatment you can reduce the sugar content in the blood 2 units. And compliance of concomitant disease diet allows you to expect more effective results.


Lemon and eggs in diabetes

Another recipe made with eggs and lemon to treat diabetes. You need to mix freshly squeezed juice lemon (50 ml) with the contents of five fresh quail eggs (or chicken), the amount of ingredients are based on day. Take the resulting mixture for half an hour before meals. The duration of this course is one month under the scheme: 3 days - reception means, 3 days ' break. The mixture is prepared daily. In the treatment with a mixture of lemon and eggs diabetes blood sugar drops to 2-4 units. The high acidity or the presence of diseases of the stomach lemon juice in the mixture can be replaced with juice Jerusalem artichoke.

Some explain a pronounced therapeutic effects from the use of funds on the basis of chicken and quail eggs autosuggestion. However, the observations of physicians acknowledge the impact of the use of these products in the treatment of diabetes. It is also necessary to remember that the dietary properties of this product, as chicken and quail, as storage is reduced. So for food you should always use only fresh eggs.