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the Main requirements for the menu, to be followed by people suffering from diabetes, this is the minimum calorie products, without the harmful fats and the ability to reduce blood sugar levels.

All these requirements perfectly correspond to the eggplant. This rich vitamins and minerals the vegetable with very low calorie has there are a number of medicinal properties, making it indispensable in the composition of menu for diabetic patients.

Use eggplant diabetes

First of all, the minimum energy value of this product, which is only 20 to 25 kcal per 100 grams, depending on variety, allows you to create a light but healthy dishes. The high fiber content makes them quite hearty and nutritious, but do not overload pancreas. Regular consumption of eggplant in the food helps a gradual reduction of blood sugar levels, but it should be remembered that the main principle of this treatment is regularity. A variety of cooked eggplant should be on the table people suffering from diabetes mellitus at least 2 times a week, otherwise to speak of significant effect is not necessary.

Additional benefits of this unique vegetable is that the high content of potassium improves heart function, and diuretic action helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Given the fact that the first condition of diabetes treatment is getting rid of excess weight, the use of eggplant in this case is very significant.

Rather important for diabetic patients is normalization of cholesterol levels, what will also help dishes made from so popular "Blues".

precautions when consuming eggplant people with diabetes.

in spite of such a clear benefit from this vegetable, creating from it a food for diabetics, should pay attention to the choice of preparation methods. Because it is during the roasting able, like a porous sponge to absorb a huge amount of oil, and, consequently, to reduce its use to a minimum, is to completely abandon this method of cooking. The most acceptable ways of cooking is stewing with minimal added fats or decoction. In this case the dishes from the eggplant will be able to keep all their benefits without increasing the calories. To include a vegetable in the composition of complex dishes (stews, salads, eggs) is useful in cases when it is required to reduce the overall calories and to replace such ingredients as, for example, potatoes.