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eczema in diabetes mellitusAlmost thirty percent of people who suffer diabetes, have obtained many other diseases that were caused by diabetes. One of these diseases can be classified as eczema, which in this case contributed to the dysfunction of the endocrine glands.

Eczema in this case should be treated only under strict supervision of a specialist who will monitor the progress of the disease, and will give exactly the treatment that is necessary in each case.

in Addition to the treatment in hospitals there are ways of folk medicine, who directed both times to the treatment of eczema, which was caused and flows in the body along with diabetes.

Here are some recipes that will help people with diabetes cope with eczema, or at least make her existence is not as obvious and interfere with normal lifestyle.

the First way is to apply on the affected area skin a mixture consisting of 50 g of sea buckthorn oil and 100 g of birch tar, or a mixture consisting of 25 g of sea buckthorn oil, 40 g of sulfuric ointment, hydrogen peroxide in an amount of 30 drops. These materials may be used for those places where there is severe itching and there where there are wounds caused by eczema.

the Affected area of skin can be treated, while grabbing a healthy place and a solution consisting of 100 g of birch tar, 25 g of sulfuric ointment, and from twenty to thirty drops, depending on the consistency of the mix, tincture of propolis on alcohol. This mixture must be very well mixed to obtain a homogeneous composition.

eczema in saharnom diabetesTreat the affected area of skin can only natural oils, taking them in the amount of 100 g of unrefined sunflower oil and added a bit of sea buckthorn oil.

If diabetic patients with eczema on the hands or feet ulcers appeared, which while still sick, then deal with them will help the following recipe.

you need to take a jar with a capacity of half a liter and put in equal amounts in the leaves of Kalanchoe, aloe leaves and Golden mustache. All the leaves are filled with regular unrefined sunflower oil and left to infuse for fifteen to twenty days, in a dark place at a temperature not above 25 degrees, the can containing the mixture must be periodically shaken, thereby mixing the composition. After the composition of the infusion can the resulting oil can be processed hands and feet just as a preventive 2 times a week, and if abscesses already available you need to do dressings on the affected area for whole night.