Early diagnostics of diabetes mellitus (1st and 2nd type) - criteries, treatment, labs and how to diagnose

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Diagnostics of diabetes mellitus of 1st and 2nd type Diabetes mellitus diagnostics means finding of exact diagnosis, which defines the type of disease, accompanying complications and general organism condition.

There are few classic symptoms of diabetes mellitus:

Symptoms and signs of the diabetes mellitus of 1st type:

Symptoms and signs of the diabetes mellitus of 2nd type:

Disease symptoms

diabetes mellitus diagnosis In case of diabetes mellitus of 2nd type patients are addressing their problems to doctors because of complications, that appear due to course of disease, because on early stages of the disease there are no symptoms manifested, almost. There are few very unspecific signs that may help to find the diabetes of 2nd type – vaginal itching, muscular weakness, dryness in the mouth, skin problems – inflammations and slow healing of damages. There are few complications of diabetes mellitus that can appear: cataract, retinopathy and angiopathy (affecting of limb vessels, ischemic heart disease, cerebrum blood circulation disorder, kidney failure).

The diagnosis is made according to patient’s glucose profile (blood glucose level is measured four times a day); biochemical analyses of blood to define the levels of glycated hemoglobin and glucose; analyses of urine to find ketone bodies and glucose; glucose challenge; C-Peptide test for blood and insulin and some other medical tests.

Early diagnostics (how to diagnose).

Diagnostics of diabetes mellitus of 1st and 2nd type There are few early symptoms of diabetes mellitus, that help to diagnose the disease:

- acceleration of desire to urinate;
- dryness in the mouth, body dehydration, strong thirst;
- short-term body weight loss;
- skin itching;
- blood sugar level increase;
- fatigue, weakness, insomnia, dizziness, sometimes they happen spontaneously;
- weak eyesight;
- poor libido;
- anemia of hands and feet;
- scratches and wounds are recovering slowly and painfully;
- lower body temperature;
- fatty degeneration of belly and waist;
- any relative by blood suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Diagnosis criteria: