Dry wine in diabetes mellitus. Is it allowed to drink? Are allowed other varieties?

Vodka and cognac


Dry wine in diabetes mellitusThe disease like diabetes, prone to many people on the planet. For people who suffer from diabetes mellitus is important to comply with the special diet. In case of this disease alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited by doctors, but scientists, and exactly U.S. researchers have shown that the use of wine, restores sensitivity of tissues to insulin and it helps to control level of blood sugar. It should be noted that excessive use of wine can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Wine must be dry and contain no more than four per cent of sugar. Exemplary, the maximum dose is about three wine glasses a day. An important factor is consumption of alcohol on a full stomach.

All wines are divided into several types. Below we describe the approximate contents of sugar in them.

So, we can finally make see the results. Drinking and consumption of wine should be at the minimum level, i.e. not more than two hundred milliliters per day. Next, patient must always be fed. Also, when choosing wine, people with diabetes should pay attention to the amount of sugar contained in alcoholic beverages. Again, we should notice that the best wine for diabetics a wine with content of sugar no more than five percent. That is, you should choose dry, sparkling or semi-sweet wines.