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dry mouth diabetesdiabetes many patients complain of constant dry mouth with accompanying thirst hunger increased urination. This is due to uncompensated high level of glucose in the blood. The fact that glucose does not remain in the body permanently, they are displayed along with the urine. Each molecule of glucose attracts a certain number of water molecules, which occurs and dehydration.

to get rid or at least alleviate these symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to have comprehensive treatment, to strictly control the sugar level using the glucometer and follow schedule appointment an endocrinologist drugs. Special attention should be paid to the used fluid: better to drink decoctions and infusions from medicinal plants that help to reduce glucose levels and favorably affect the overall condition of the body. The duration of treatment with medicinal herbs for diabetes is basically not limited, but need to periodically alternate drug charges, after about 3 weeks.

Coping with dry mouth in diabetes and will help the right diet. Power must be complete and balanced in respect of fats, salts, proteins and vitamins, it is better to limit carbs is to try to minimize or eliminate the consumption of sweet and starchy foods. Also contraindicated in case of diabetes mellitus pickled and salty foods, fatty fish and meat, caviar, meats, egg yolks and liver. Meat should be in moderation, to give preference to low-fat varieties of cheeses, be sure to consume vegetables and fruits, yogurt, vegetable oil and cottage cheese.

excessive thirst with dry mouth can also be a precursor of diabetic coma. Due to the lack of fluid, the toxicity of the body as a result of autointoxication. Symptoms of diabetic coma are drowsiness, weakness, vomiting and odor of acetone mouth.

Another side effect of dry mouth in diabetics can be the development of various diseases of the oral cavity. Salivary glands do not produce enough saliva to maintain moisture of the mucous membranes in the mouth. Because of this, there are problems with chewing and swallowing food, change the taste. Also because of this to become problematic to maintain accurate control of the sugar levels in blood.