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glibenclamide diabetesdiabetes Treatment is carried out under mandatory supervision of a doctor, because self-medication and in particular the use of traditional medicine, can lead to death.

the First type of diabetes, which is insulin-dependent form, is treated using medication, the use of insulin. Medicine known such cases, when rapid and complete normalization of insulin metabolism there came a state when the need of the patient was reduced to complete abolition. This is called remission, but since the destruction of the beta cells is irreversible, after some time, the diabetes comes back and again appointed insulin. Subsequently, the dose of reception is increased, and this leads doctors to the conclusion that the first type of diabetes today is incurable.

non-insulin-dependent Diabetes, is the second type, treated mixed. This means that the patient should observe a special diet and take medication glucose-lowering drugs, which include:

- Glibenclamide - most often prescribed to patients. The effect of it occurs within forty minutes after ingestion and reaches its maximum after two hours. Lasts ten to twelve hours.

- Gliclazide - applies in half an hour after administration, the maximum effect starts after two or three hours. The duration of action is twelve hours.

- Glipizide - operates in ten to thirty minutes after administration, the greatest impact is observed after an hour and a half. The effect of the drug lasts for eight hours.

inhibitors in diabetes mellitus- Glikvidon - development impact starts in forty minutes, and the peak efficiency occurs at the expiration of two hours after applying the medication. The duration of medication treatment is about six to eight hours.

- Glimepiride - has a stimulating effect on beta-cells, thereby increasing insulin release and decreasing the resistance of tissues to this hormone. This drug should once a day. Initial dose of one milligram, the maximum is eight milligrams.

Periodically, a patient by the second type of diabetes requires insulin injections, but it also happens that only enough healing power.

the Discovery of such drugs as inhibitors of alpha-glucosidase gives new possibilities in the treatment of the second type of diabetes. The inhibitor was produced in Germany Leverkusen prevents the increase in blood glucose due to slow its absorption in the small intestine. The drug is prescribed after unsuccessful treatment with diet and sugar-lowering drugs.