Drinks for people with diabetes. What drinks can be consumed?

Alcoholic Drinks
Non-alcoholic drinks
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Quite a large number of people, with diabetes, think that they now always have to stick to the strict diet and eliminate from their diet large variety of products. In fact, this is not so. If the information about which products are allowed to eat and what not will be carefully studied, in fact you can get a pretty extensive menu. The same is truth and for drinks too. In this article we will discuss what drinks can be consumed in diabetes.

Drinks that are allowed for patients with diabetes

mineral waterMineral water - its use is prescribed by the doctor because it has a lot of useful nutrients. Its regular consumption normalizes and stabilizes the work of pancreas. Mineral water is recommended to be used as often as possible if the patient has the defeat of the digestive system. Mineral water is divided into some several types:

You should know that in diabetes it is necessary to use mineral water without gas. If still it aerated, before drinking the gas must be released – just simply shake the bottle of mineral water.


JuicesWhen someone has diabetes, you should pay big attention to the calorie quantity of juices and carbohydrate concentration. Most importantly juice for diabetics is freshly squeezed juice (fresh).

Tomato juice is recommended by the doctors’ cause’ it has many healthy nutrients especially for diet food. This juice normalizes the overall metabolism of human with diabetes. But if a person is suffering from gout, the use and consumption of this juice is limited.

Lemon juice - the juice is recommended to sick people with diabetes, because it strengthens blood vessels and cleans them from toxins. Lemon should be thin-skinned before it will become juice. It should be used and consumed in its pure form without the addition of any quantity of sugar and water.

Blueberry juice - it lowers blood sugar level so it is just needed to people with diabetes. If you think what to do with blueberry leaves there’s a nice method - just make a decoction from them and it should be taken several times a day.

Potato juice – it is appointed as a course of treatment. One course has length of ten days, and then consumption of potato juice should be stopped.

Pomegranate juice – it is recommended if there are some complications. It can be used with honey. If a person has hyperacidity or gastritis, the use of the juice is strictly contraindicated.

Beet juice is very useful for people with diabetes. It is recommended to be mixed with cucumber and carrot juice.

Tea and coffee

Tea and CoffeeIn such diseases as diabetes the patient should drink blueberry leaf tea, cause’ is considered the most useful. Green tea is not less useful and it can be found at home of every person with diabetes. Of course, it contains a lot of vitamins that are needed for our body. It should be consumed without sugar and milk. Chamomile tea can prevent the complications of diabetes too. If we speak about traditional tea, it is best to choose the red one (also known as “carcade”), and it should be drunk without use of sugar. Use of coffee is possible, but with big caution, it is best to consult with your doctor before drinking the coffee.

Milk Drinks

Milk, yogurt – the consumption of dairy products is possible, but only with the permission of your doctor. Of course these drinks contain a lot of healthy nutrients, but the advice of doctor is needed. The same goes for other fermented beverages as buttermilk, yoghurt, fermented baked milk, milk whey and other.

Alcoholic beverages

alcoholic drinksAlcoholic Drinks in diabetes - of course any doctor will tell you " no, they are highly restricted" because the consumption of alcohol in diabetes is very dangerous in any quantity. Alcohol can cause complications, such as hypoglycemia. Alcohol production is bad for the work of the heart and blood vessels. The most dangerous dose of alcohol, which can cause irreversible causes, is about 50-70 milliliters of spirits such as brandy, vodka, whiskey, and so on. Remember, if all you want to drink liquor, then it should be done only on a full stomach and only such quantity as it is allowed to you by the doctor. Never ever drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Also, remember that its amount should be minimal.

There is a second group

drinks that contain sugar, their group is significantly smaller. Their use and consumption is allowed but drinks mustn’t contain more than four per cent of sugar. As example are dry wines and champagne. Their dangerous dose is about 50 to 200 milliliters.

So as conclusion people with diabetes should refrain from any kind of alcohol, because it is very dangerous to their life.