Consumption of vodka and cognac in diabetes mellitus. Is it allowed?

Vodka and cognac


Vodka in diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus is a disease that many patients perceive as sentence. Despite the presence of a large amount of affordable information about this disease, there are many rumors and prejudices against it.

First of all, it concerns the possibility of consumption of various food and drinks as non-alcoholic and alcoholic ones (wine, beer, vodka, brandy). Sweet wonder if they can consume bread products made from flour and sweet. Lovers of dense eat are interested if they can consume meat and other high-calorie meals. And, of course, most people want to know if they are allowed to consume vodka and cognac in diabetes mellitus and even drink alcohol. To answer this question, we need to understand a little bit the essence of the disease itself.

Diabetes is a disease, caused by a metabolic disorders in the human body as a result of hyperglycemia (high level of sugar contained in blood). Healthy body in process of food digesting, in addition to vitamins and minerals, gets glucose too which is the main source of energy for all the processes occurring there. In order for the cell ability to get the energy is contained in glucose, the hormone insulin is required. It is produced in the pancreas specific and specific beta-cells that are located there. Insulin "distributes" glucose in the body: the part translates into energy, some - in glycogen, and the rest - in body fat. In addition, it blocks production of glucose from fats and proteins.

Hyperglycemia phenomenon occurs because of fail of synthesis of insulin, and its production is reduced or stopped completely. As a result of a lack of this hormone, the production of glycogen is reduced and synthesis of glucose from proteins begins. However, cells are starving, and excess glucose in the blood is concentrated and then hyperglycemia come; it is a state when high level of sugar in blood can be noticed. Level of glucose contained in blood can be measured using personal glucometers.

Hyperglycemia, along with hypoglycemia (a state when lack of glucose in the blood happens) are extremely dangerous changes. They can lead to very serious consequences, including death. Therefore, patients that suffer from presence of diabetes mellitus should to maintain normal level blood sugar level.

To drink or not to drink? Vodka or brandy?

Cognac in diabetes mellitusWhat is dangerous drinking of vodka and cognac in diabetes mellitus? They are dangerous due to fact that these spirits have a certain sugar lowering effect, because they inhibit synthesis of glucose from glycogen that is stored in liver. If the patient takes insulin or other medications to regulate blood sugar levels, the dose of the drug might be overdosed in this case and it will cause appearance of hypoglycemia.

To avoid this, you need to follow certain precautions. First, consult with your doctor. It is in its field of competence to decide the possibility of alcohol consumption and its allowed doses.

But if for any reason to visit the doctor did not work, then you should know that drinking small amounts of vodka and cognac in diabetes is acceptable. This alcoholic drinks lower level of sugar and they are considered "safe" for diabetics in quantities about 50 - 100 ml. Individual volume of these drinks that can be consumed by patient is determined by doctor.

Full life with diabetes is possible and the patient does not have to indulge in vodka and cognac, if he would listen to the advice of doctors, and will use these drinks not often and only in recommended quantities.