Apricots in diabetes mellitus

Dried apricots


clear opinion on whether or not to use apricots diabetes mellitus, no. Some experts say that thisApricots in diabetes mellitus product in this disease is absolutely impossible, as it contains a lot of sugar (about 84%). Others insist that apricots in diabetes mellitus is very useful, because its glycemic index is only 30.

Apricots retains all the useful properties of ordinary apricots. It's also rich in vitamins P, B2, B1, C, organic acids, such as salicylic, nicotinic, citric, contains sucrose, potassium, salt. In addition, it contains trace elements: cobalt, manganese, copper and iron. And the content of carotene it is not inferior to the egg yolks. For this reason, it is believed that dried apricots is a real boon for people who suffer from diabetes.

But immediately raises the question of how much you need to eat to be healthy? It is particularly important not to overdo it, because it is a concentrated product. Fresh apricot contains only two grams of fiber for every hundred grams of this product. But in the apricots of fiber reaches eighteen units. So using it in large quantities may cause stomach upset.

Apricots in diabetes


is the Number of apricots required for consumption

the Most optimal amount of product diabetes it is the consumption of pure a hundred grams daily or as additives to a variety of main dishes in the same amount. Thus it is necessary to try strongly not to expose the dried apricots to heat treatment. For example, you can make homemade bread and add a small amount of chopped dried apricots, seeds and nuts. This bread is incredibly delicious, and what great benefit it brings, even can not speak, because it is self-evident that it is much more useful shops. This goes well with dried fruit meat, fish, salad and rice. But do not forget that dried apricots should still be able to choose. She must have a natural color, to be not particularly transparent. Moreover, the fruits should be moderately elastic and hard, clean and large.

do Not forget that the composition of the diet for diabetes requires a special approach! To diabetic patients before consumption of dried apricots in food it is recommended to consult the attending physician as to the amount of product you can make in the diet.