Diuretic medications in diabetes mellitus



Diuretic medications in treatment of diabetes mellitusDiuretic medications are one of the most effective hypotensive preparations. They increase the volume of urine in the body, which leads to a faster washing away of salts and secretive processes promotion. This way, the blood vessel system is discharged, vessels are narrowing and blood tension goes down.

Diuretic medical preparations are prescribed when patient is suffers from hypertension, but sometimes they are consumed by patients that have hepatic cirrhosis or foot edema (which is an indirect indicator of heart failure).

However, the diabetics should intake diuretic medical preparations with extreme care under doctor’s supervision with an idea that far not all diuretic preparations are equally good for them.

Diuretic loop and potassium-sparing drugs group are not good for full-featured treatment of hypertension in case of presence of diabetes mellitus, but they may be used non-recurrently to facilitate patient’s state. Potassium-sparing drugs (for example, Triamterene) are less preferable as they are outdated and have a lot of side-effects.

 Diuretic medications in treatment of diabetes mellitusThe most popular in modern treatment of diabetic hypertension are thiazide-type diuretics. The thiazide-type diuretics such as dichlothiazide poithiazide, are used in limited quantities in case of diabetes mellitus of 2nd type. They decrease cell sensitivity to insulin. Usually, it happens due to continuous consumption of the preparation, but sometimes it may happen earlier as one of possible side-effect.

 Diuretic medications in treatment of diabetes mellitus Thiazide-like diuretics, indapamide in particular, are the safest for diabetics. They excrete manganese along with potassium and kalium, that is why diabetic should eat many products that contain these initial elements, for example oatmeal, boiled buckwheat, fresh fruits, nuts and berries.

The newest of preparations, which are good for immediate intake by diabetics, are modifications of indapamide - indapamide-retard, aka arifon. This diuretic is absorbed quickly by the organism and it has almost no side-effects even if it is used for a long time. Besides all info listed above arifon does not affect kidneys.