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Diet and tasty dishes in diabetes mellitus The most critical condition in controlling of diabetes mellitus is correct diet of patient. Diet correction should be made in any case of diabetes changes and it should fit to personal metabolism requirements of patient. The key elements of diet are following: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and diet food fiber.

Proteins. The need of proteins for diabetics is two times higher than for normal people. Besides, they have negative nitrogen balance in their blood. Therefore dishes for people with diabetes should contain 20-25% of protein products. Consumption of diet dishes that have rich quantity of proteins helps to saturate the organism with amino acids, which are responsible for tissue recovery. In comparison to carbohydrates proteins are better for hunger appeasement; they do not increase the sugar level. In addition, protein foods do not have abusive quantity of calories like fat dishes or those with high level of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are also required to provide 40% of calories in order to prevent ketose. Besides, there is information that proves that consumption of dishes that contain carbohydrates does not affect the blood sugar level, tolerance to glucose or need in insulin. However, it requires from patient keeping of quantity of total calories of the diet within given limits.

Fats may count only 35% of diet of patient with diabetes mellitus. Quantity of food rich in fats and cholesterol should be limited.

Food fiber helps to slow the digestion of carbohydrates and decrease blood sugar level. Also food fiber brings the feeling of fullness, which helps to cut down food consumption. The most useful product, which contains fiber and decreases sugar level, is seeds of trigonella. Dishes made of beans, brown rice, and coarse-grained bread are very useful for diabetics too.

There are also strict rules and directions in domain of cooking of tasty dishes and in their eating for the diabetics.

Dishes for diabeticsIt is recommended to eat according to specific and individual time-table; this helps to regulate the blood sugar level and calculate the insulin dose. Every patient should eat 5-6 times a day. It is necessary to eat as much as possible products that contain food fiber (vegetables, coarse-grained bread). In case if patient with diabetes suffers from hypertension, it is necessary to decrease salt consumption. Eating of tasty and sweet dishes should be limited and patient has to control oneself by using following rules: no sugar, honey, candies, cereals, forget about tea and coffee with sugar. Do not eat vegetables that contain a lot of starch: potatoes, carrots, peas, beans and beet. The same is true about fruits, containing starch: bananas, grapes and wild strawberries. The daily fat amount should be no more than 40 gr. Avoid dishes, containing a lot of fats and do not consume alcohol at all. Fat meat, butter, lard and farmer cheese are prohibited for diet of diabetic person. Also patient should control the water quality; it must be boiled and cleaned with special filters. In addition it is necessary to consume enough bread, crops (rice mostly), pasta. It is useful to add mill offals to diet soups and casha, eat as much as possible fruits (apples, grape-fruits and peaches). Patient should use fish and sea foods, cook dishes using beef and its sub-products. Take away lard from meat and chicken always before cooking. To diabetics is allowed consumptions of eggs, white eggs are preferable and also fatless cheese. Eat any vegetables except for those that contain starch, try to eat more onion and garlic because they decrease level of cholesterol. Diabetics should also eat diet dishes of milk - tasty yogurt, milk, cheese, ice-cream. The last one should contain low amount of fats. Instead of fried foods, eat boiled ones or stewed in oven.