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diabetes mellitus - endocrine disease. Due to the lack of hormone insulin by the pancreas, in the human body increases blood glucose. This disturbed metabolism and damages the blood vessels, affects the nervous system and other organs. With diabetes, you can live, but if you can put the disease under control, then the possible irreversible consequences: blindness, amputation, kidney failure and even death. And this is not an exhaustive list.

diabetes mellitus there are two types. The 1st type includes people with absolute insulin deficiency. They have to inject insulin in yourself from outside the body. Hence the name "insulin-dependent". To the 2nd type includes people with relative insulin deficiency. They pancreas produces insulin, but the tissues are not able to perceive. And insulin is "useless". In this type of therapy is pills.

diabetes mellitus is not a modern disease, it was diagnosed in ancient Egypt. For millennia, people could not live with the disease and died. Only in 1922, scientists were able to isolate insulin, is suitable for treatment. To this day there are active research of this disease, and already allocated in the separate shapes of sugar gestational diabetes and secondary diabetes mellitus.

How you can get infected with diabetes

the Main cause of the disease is a disorder of the immune system. In this case, the body begins to produce antibodies that destroy cells in the pancreas. Such infectious diseases as chickenpox, measles, mumps, hepatitis on a background of genetic predisposition (a disease in immediate family) and you can still get diabetes.

Another important factor that leads to diabetes of the 2nd type is obesity. The higher the degree of obesity, the greater the risk of developing them.

Causes of secondary diabetes may be various hormonal diseases (acromegaly, diffuse goiter), and the pancreas.


How not to fall ill with diabetes

If you are in a risk group (family history and overweight), this does not mean that you will definitely get sick. We must constantly be aware of the threat and conduct an appropriate lifestyle. To normalize your weight and keep control of it, not to overload the body with heavy carbohydrates, balance your meals. To monitor their health, try to avoid viral diseases. To get rid of bad habits: Smoking and alcohol. Take care of your health and you don't get sick.