Disability in diabetes insipidus, does it?

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insipidus diabetes disabilityIn recent years, the medical social expertise and tries not to assign a disability in diabetes insipidus only on the basis of the diagnosis. Group disability provides certain benefits and payments that, in General, need all patients, but some have stable income and can do without the group. So examination looking not only for the presence of diseases. The importance of the disability on a profile of the patient. And if the knowledge worker has no arms, but he continues to earn good, then it is likely disabled and not be recognized.

as patients diabetes insipidus, they can qualify for the group, as they need to buy drugs, which are not always in the pharmacy, and Federal exempts (invalids) are free of charge. But the doctors ITU should see you often bad (this must be evidenced by your endocrinologist in your medical card), and you cannot afford these medicines to buy (you on Commission bring their labor, from where you can see your earnings and opportunities).

And, of course, is not enough to be a poor man, who regularly goes to the clinic and complains of feeling unwell. You need to have on hand the results of the tests and the readings confirming a serious loss of your earning capacity, and discharge from the medical institution where you were treated during the year. Treatment is necessary only on the basis of records of the doctor who treated you, the staff of medico-social examination will draw conclusions about your condition (and, of course, conduct its own inspection).

With minor somatic disorders and the absence of related endocrine abnormalities group of disability is not assigned. To the third group of eligible patients with moderate-severe somatic disorders:


When expressed somatic disorders can qualify for the second group:


At considerably expressed somatic disorders the patient with diabetes insipidus is assigned to the first disability group: