Disability in diabetes

Group disability
The clinical picture


the Definition of disability occurs in the presence of functional abnormalities, which lead to the limitation of the basic types of life. By itself, the diagnosis of "diabetes" is not a reason for this: diabetes mellitus with its complications should hinder you to live a full life.

the criteria for disability with diabetes that are relevant to people with diabetes 1st and 2nd type.

let us Examine each group with their options:

1. violations;

2. the limitation of abilities;

3. the need for external assistance.

Disability group 1 patients get a severe form of diabetes, if you have:

1. Significantly expressed by the human endocrine, etc. systems (retinopathy, neuropathy, diabetic encephalopathy with pronounced mental disorders, ESRD, diabetic cardiomyopathy, severe angiopathy of the lower extremities, frequent hypoglycemic coma).

2. Must be limitations to self-service 3 extent, orientation, and communication 2/3 degree, the movement of 3 degrees.

3. Constant care and help is needed.

Disability group 2

1. In severe diabetes mellitus with severe disabilities of the affected systems and organs (stage 2/3 retinopathy, encephalopathy with permanent changes in the psyche, terminal stages of CKD with the successful neurotransplantation or adequate dialysis, neuropathy 2 degrees).

2. Limited ability to self-service and mobility 2 degree, the ability to work 2/3 of a degree.

3. Unlike the 1st group of disability, do not need constant assistance.

3 Disability group

1. If there is a easy/moderate diabetes, labile course of the disease,- a moderate dysfunction of organs and systems.

2. There is a limit ability to self-care, and employment 1 degree. If diabetics are present contraindicated factors, sustainable employment leads to reduced qualification/volume production activities.

Children with diabetes mellitus type 1, up to 18 years is assigned disability without the band. To get disability on the child, you have to pass doctors in the district hospital, and discharge from the hospital take on Medical-social examination.

Documents required when applying for ITU: