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diet prischurom diabetes in childrenIf your child in the survey showed diabetes, be patient and start treatment, following your doctor's recommendations. Parents should always remember that in treating the disease children the main role of dietary nutrition.

If your child has a diagnosis has been clarified, first of all, understand that for successful treatment of this disease, you should monitor the observance of the constant and strict diet for your baby. To clarify, what kind of diet is required, will help a pediatric endocrinologist.


Diet in diabetes mellitus in children. What parents need to know?

do not plunge into shock as my doctor suggests a diet. Take it easy, as seemingly rigid restrictions will be for the benefit of your child. You will have to make some sacrifices and build to the diet of his family so that the child does not feel isolated from the common table. If you child will eat with pleasure the food that baby does not have (ice cream, cakes, candy, fried pies), then it will always be a secret desire you to enjoy these dishes.

don't forget about the protein components of the diet. It is, above all, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, eggs, lean meats, such as veal, lamb, rabbit, Turkey. Include in the child's diet and low-fat fish. Smoked products should be excluded from the menu. You cannot give children diabetics canned fish, meat, eggs, cheese curds (sweet). Do not give your child fat sour cream. Fat can be added to vegetable dishes and butter. As for entrees, for a sick child useful vegetable soups. To improve the taste, cook them for too strong meat or fish broth. Meat and fish is better to give the child boiled or baked them.


Sweet question

Kids love sweets and so children with diabetes are very sensitive to the lack of sweets in the menu. As a substitute of sugar to use sorbitol, xylitol, fructose. There are many stores for diabetics, where you can buy all kinds of sweets , prepared for sweetener. But remember, these products are not suitable for children, diabetics, as they contain a very high percentage of fat.


rye bread with bran diet in diabetes mellituscarbohydrates

children with diabetes, limit such foods containing carbohydrates, like bread from wheat flour, potatoes, cereals. You can give the baby porridge once a day, but they must be from cereals made from whole grains. Pastries made with puff pastry and the child can not be given. Limit consumption of pasta, semolina and porridge from rice.

you Can give rye bread or bread with bran added is not more than one hundred grams per day.



Teaching children with diabetes to a variety of dishes of vegetables. Prepare all kinds of salads from fresh vegetables, make stews, cook vegetables by steaming.

encourage your child to eat unsweetened berries - currants, gooseberries, cherries, chokeberry, plum. A small slice of watermelon or melon a couple of times per week the child, the patient with diabetes mellitus, will not hurt. But grapes, bananas, dates from the menu should be deleted.

as seasonings for dishes you can use some green onions or garlic, and parsley.

Feed the children with diabetes at least six times a day, preferably at the same time.