Diet for diabetes 2nd (second) type (degrees)

Meals with type 2
Decompensation and compensation


diet for diabetes type 2 diabetesdiabetes type 2 diabetes are divided into two categories: people suffering from overweight (as a result of weakened action of insulin) and a normal physique. So for the first category of patients diet for type II diabetes is designed primarily to stabilize the weight.


Diet for diabetes of the second type (degree) if overweight

In this diet are completely excluded from the diet:


diabetes 2 diabetes is reduced by half the consumption of: bread (no more than three slices a day), grains (all), pasta, potato (2 medium tubers per day), corn, soy products, crackers and savoury crackers, diabetic sweets, fruit (banana - no more than half a day, grapes - no more brush per day, a melon - slice no more than a day), eggs (not more than one day, the advantage to give a squirrel).

In moderate quantity consumed: low fat cottage cheese, lean meat, fish, low-fat (preferably from North).

diets for diabetes 2типа (degree) increases the number following vegetables: cabbage (common and color), turnips, carrots, sugar beet, rutabagas, cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes, greens. In salads butter (or sour cream) is added. Fluid should consume about 2 liters a day. For drinks, use mineral water and tea (with sweeteners, but without the fructose).


Diet for diabetes type 2 and normal weight

For diabetics with the second type of diabetes, whose weight deviates from the norm within 15%, it is assumed not to such a strict diet. From the diet completely eliminated the honey (except acacia), sugar, natural kvass, juices store of origin and non-diet soft drinks, most dried fruits (you can occasionally consume raisins), any jams and marmalades, semolina, mashed potatoes, smoked and spicy food, canned food in oil, caviar. Fruits and berries, bread, pasta, corn and potatoes, soybeans and eggs are consumed in small quantities. Vegetables preferably consumed raw, stewed or steamed, but not fried.