Diet in adult patients with diabetes



diet in adults with diabetes mellitusadult onset diabetes may develop at any age. The cause of this disease may be diverse sufficient. The main symptom of the disease the rise in blood sugar.

the Main issue before the person who has the disease, it's how and what to eat. For such people there are special diet. Such a diet usually pick up in hospitals and prescribed to her insulin.

so, an adult patient with diabetes mellitus should eat at least four times and preferably at the same time. There is a need in small portions. Also when eating the calories it should contain about the same amount. Meals should be complete, and the products should not contain large amounts of sugar.

In the diet can include confectionery, but only special prepared for diabetic patients, for example, such as candy, cookies and chocolate on fructose. Alternatively, you can use sugar substitutes, add them to dishes or tea. Use substitutes such as saccharin, xylitol or sorbitol.

the diet should include fresh vegetables, for example, spinach, lettuce, green peas, sauerkraut, tomatoes and cucumbers. You can eat them without restrictions.

Needless to diet for adult patients with diabetes should include plenty of vitamins that are contained in the the wild rose, bran, yeast. Should have and cheese, cereals.

you can also use a little meat, fish, milk, cheese, nuts, potatoes. The cheese should be salted and not greasy. Meat should be low fat. Such as, for example, beef, veal, rabbit, Turkey and chicken. Adults with diet can a young lamb, pork edged.

in the diet can add boiled tongue, diabetic sausage, and seafood. Of them perfectly to make different salads.

the Presence of protein in the diet is very important, it is contained in sufficient amounts in bread, peas, rice, and bean.

When diet for adults diabetes meals it is recommended to simmer, boil or bake. To exclude fried dishes. Try to limit alcoholic beverages.