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diabetes type 1diabetes mellitus type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes is diagnosed in patients whose pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin, a hormone necessary for the synthesis of glucose and other nutrients into energy. If earlier people suffering from this disease, was prescribed a strict diet now to help them developed a special method of counting the so-called "bread units", through which you can have almost any food, but pre - "extinguish" them saharoponizhayuschee action the appropriate dose of insulin. Adhering to such a diet, it is important to follow only 3 rules: for one meal you can eat 8 pieces of bread, not to eat carbohydrates that increase the sugar level in the blood so fast that the insulin has no time to act, as well as the products for which the calculation of bread units is difficult. Learn how to effectively and without harm to health to use this method of power in practice as you can with the various programs and benefits available to everyone on the world wide web or in specialized full-time schools.


dietary Restrictions in diabetes mellitus type 1

Diet for diabetes type 1Those patients who are not ready before each meal to weigh a portion of food, look for its bread unit in special table and, based on the obtained data, calculate the required insulin dosage doctors and dieticians recommend to adhere to the following restrictions:

1. It is desirable to exclude completely from the diet semolina pasta, products from puff and fancy pastry. Allowed the use of small amounts of other types of cereals as well as bakery products from wheat rye flour bran.

2. Immunocompromised by diabetes the body must be provided with all required microelements, so in the diet of the patient must be present low-fat meat and fish, as well as prepared on the basis of their soups and Brees. The only exceptions are smoked meat and salted fish, sausage products and canned goods of all kinds.

3. Forming the vegetable menu, you should prefer cucumbers, tomatoes, pubs, the pumpkin, aubergines: they contain less than 5% carbohydrates, so cooked their meals use will not cause harm. And the use of vegetables such as potatoes, corn, beets, carrots and green peas, allowed only in strictly limited quantities.

4. All foods containing simple carbohydrates (glucose, lactose, maltose), should be excluded from the diet, because they cause a very quick rise in blood sugar levels. However, given that the process of assimilation slowed down under the effect of fat and fiber, sometimes a patient can eat, for example, ice-cream. For this reason, choosing between fresh fruit (Apple, orange) and squeezed the juice from them, should be preferred in favor of the first option: due to the content in the fruit tissue the absorption of sugar in the blood will occur not so fast.

sugar Substitutes products when diabetes type 15. Low-fat dairy products can be used with virtually no restrictions, sour cream and cream - strictly metered, and any sweet containing milk products (such as curd cheese or cottage cheese) is recommended to exclude completely from the diet.


Products with the use of artificial sweeteners

Finally, for the sweet tooth, which, because of their illness can not afford to eat a chocolate candy bar or slice of cake, on the shelves of modern grocery stores is a wide range of products made with safe sweeteners: fructose, xylitol, sorbitol, saccharin, etc. Candy, mousse, jelly, cookies, cereals - these and many other sweets a person suffering from diabetes can at any moment to pamper yourself without having to fear for their health.