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diet for pregnant with diabetesDiet therapy is the mainstay of treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus. Its main aims are:

- optimal maternal nutrition, appropriate family traditions and habits menu;

- optimum nutrition fruit that develops in the womb;

is the slowing down or complete prevention of diabetes gestational diabetes in the future.

points of view on the peculiarities of nutrition of pregnant women with complications of pregnancy gestational diabetes diabetes:

1. D. Thomas-Dobersen says that the basis, calculating the daily caloric content of a diet should be considered to be 30 kcal/kg of body weight before pregnancy during the first trimester, 36 kcal in the second trimester and 38 kcal - during the third trimester of pregnancy. Depending on appetite, gain of body weight and lack or presence of ketonuria these figures are subject to change.

2. Most of the specialists-nutritionists and the American diabetes Association put forward the following proposal: to start the diet in diabetes gestational diabetes from 2000-2500 calories per day (35 kcal per kilogram of actual body weight pregnant or 30-35 kcal / kg ideal weight).


approaches to the diet for diabetes during pregnancy

There are currently three main types of diets that are aimed at achieving euglycemia diabetes gestational diabetes.

the First type is high in fat/low in carbohydrates. 20/25 per cent of the protein 35/40 percent carbohydrates, percent fat 35/40. This scheme allows to reach euglycemia most pregnant women without the use of insulin therapy. To achieve gain glycemic control will allow the following distribution of carbohydrates at meals (Breakfast-lunch-dinner): 33-5/45-50/40-50 (data given in percentage).

the Second type: a Little fat/carbs: 20% fat, 55 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent protein. Most of the expectant mothers is insulin therapy to achieve euglycemia.

the Third type: Low fat/high in carbohydrates with a low glycemic index: fat 20-25, 55-60 carbohydrates, proteins 17-19 (data are given as percentages).

representatives of the American diabetes Association claim that it is possible not to fix strict percentage of carbohydrates and fats in the diet, and should focus on the need for a General reduction of quantity of carbohydrates in the diet of a pregnant woman who is sick diabetes.