Diet and weight loss according to glycemic index, menus and caloric content

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Diet according to glycemic indexMontignac diet that became a world-famous diet and other ones that are based on principle of use of glycemic index contains mainly carbohydrate foods that in nature have low GI, which are for example some vegetables and fruits, legumes, unrefined cereals and yogurt.

Diet and weight loss according to glycemic index, menus and calorie content, and some features such as diets have many supporters and those who refute its effectiveness. Calorie content of this diet is about 1,500 kcal per day, which in itself is a factor in reducing weight while consuming the minimum amount of calories required for the normal functioning of the body.

Sample menu for weight loss according to principle of use of glycemic index can take following form:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins and apples, apple juice, skim milk.

Lunch: Vegetable soup with barley, 2 plums, rye bread and bran.

Dinner: Lean meat, beans in tomato sauce, pasta, green salad, low-fat yogurt.

Drinks: Water, herbal tea, tea with skimmed milk.

These products can be diversified by using of table showing the GI of different foods, and selecting from it products that have low or medium glycemic index.

Main feature of this diet is the gradual reduction in weight (weight loss) by use of glycemic index, which does not cause unpleasant feelings of hunger, and lead to a dramatic weight gain after the diet, because these methods are more aggressive in the application.

Diet according to clycemic indexSense of saturation and a slow decline does not makes the body to start extra accumulation of fat. In this case, at first weight loss may seem minimal, because accumulation of fluids in the body is increased.

Despite the low calorie menu, thanks to a fairly large portions and content of starchy vegetables and beans, this diet is quite hearty. It also meets all the ideas about healthy eating and not capable of causing harm to the body and has many satisfactory reviews from people who used this method.

Diet according to use of principles of glycemic index is still based on the creation of an energy deficit in order to promote weight loss, so do not believe the hints that may lose weight eating any number of products. Such a diet reduces the amount of calories consumed per day by eliminating sugary and fatty foods. It also helps to maintain stable blood sugar level and it decreases hunger too, allowing anyone to feel cheerful and comfortable.