Diet and nutrition for gestational diabetes



diet for gestational diabetesWhat is diabetes - everyone knows, but few people have heard of gestational diabetes. Him susceptible to the female population in the period of pregnancy. At this time, may be seen high sugar levels in the blood and a violation of the metabolism. Of course, not all sick pregnant women, but only about 5%, but because it can happen (albeit small chances) with any girl should be armed with the…


Diet in gestational diabetes mellitus

Given that pregnant and so hard, they still have to be able to eat properly in the case of such diseases. Because the kid in any case must receive all necessary substances to strengthen the immune system and proper development. Expectant mothers have to go on a diet. To understand correctly picked up diet, you need to constantly weigh myself. On average a pregnant woman needs to gain ten pounds for the whole period. Of course, there is a certain standard approach, because each person has his own body, and better if before treatment to talk to a nutritionist or doctor. From the analysis we can determine which products will best help to gain weight-child and not to raise sugar.

the Main thing to remember is that in the diet pregnant woman patient gestational diabetes mellitus should be starchy carbs - rice, bread, potatoes. They must be properly prepared with a minimal amount of animal fat. And fruits and vegetables, without which it is impossible to come up with any diet.


Diet for gestational diabetes

Experts share the diet for gestational diabetes three type.

the First type is the consumption of large amounts of healthy fats and a small amount of carbohydrates.

the Second type focuses on the carbohydrates, fats must be less.

In the third type of carbohydrates is also more than fat, but foods containing these carbohydrates should have a low impact on blood sugar.

There are also General recommendations to the diet. Pregnant in any case have to eat fatty foods, fruits, cereals, potatoes, but everything must have a measure. Fruit in large amounts may raise the level of glucose, which the body can't handle it. The same happens, if you often eat rice and bread, where is the starch.

Better, and if fatty foods will not be a lot. For pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus, a useful substitute for fat will be nuts.

Forget about sweet cakes and candy. This is the first enemy of diabetes. But chrome is useful not only for pregnant women with diabetes, but also quite healthy. It well suppresses the symptoms of the disease, and is contained in the wholesome foods: carrots, spinach, chicken and cereals. There are a lot of vitamins that contain this mineral, only before purchase and use, consult an expert, otherwise you can hurt yourself.