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Diet and nutrition loss elevated sugar level in bloodthe Word "diet" is of Greek origin. In Russian correspond to such words and concepts as "lifestyle" and "eating right", following certain rules and requirements.

unfortunately, many of our people consider a diet as a short service, after which you can return to overeating, many can afford unlimited consumption of food with high content of sugar and fat. It is easy to understand that their lifestyle is the constant abuse of food, which ultimately leads to disruption of metabolism, the development of a range of serious ailments, among which the leading place is diabetes mellitus.

Today, for anybody not a secret that high blood sugar is directly dependent on nutrition and a balanced diet without hope for his demotion is impossible. A natural question arises: is it possible to live in comfort and to adhere to standards in nutrition? The answer is clear: of course you can.

But it does not need to stick to a diet in the usual of our citizens and torture yourself monotonous diet and hunger. Enough to abandon any product containing chemical additives and preservatives that cause increased appetite and alter taste perception, and increasing blood sugar levels. With their help manufacturers sell products sausage and prepared foods consisting of fat and various fillers, giving them a taste of delicacy, curd desserts, which include starch, mayonnaise, on 99% consisting of fat and many other "delicacies" of dubious origin.

this kind of a diet is a real food addiction that makes us want to come back again and again, clogging up the body with unnecessary chemical compounds that cause the metabolic disorder. The carbohydrates it contains in the form of pure glucose, easily digested, giving you an increased blood sugar and fat deposits on the body, to fight that then their owners are trying hard with diets.

it Should be remembered that "wrong" food fills a person's body unnecessary fats and carbohydrates but does not supply the necessary vitamins and minerals. As a result the body sends signals to the brain, demanding to find products with the required for the normal functioning of components, the brain reacts, forming the feeling of hunger. In the end, the man once again sits down at the dining table, and following their eating habits, eating high calorie food throwing into the furnace of diabetes mellitus new portion of pure glucose.

To sugar in the blood corresponded to the norm and have not been promoted, the diet should consist only of natural products. At the first stage the volume of the portions can be any, as long as their ingredients were fresh vegetables and fruits, natural milk, herbal tea, real juices, grain products, meat and poultry, expressed at home, the mushrooms, nuts and eggs.

List of foods for a proper diet, forming the basis of the diet is endless. The main thing is that the food was natural and did not contain genetically modified products. In this case, the preference should be given to vegetables and fruits grown in the local region and not imported from distant countries. In them, for sure, the level of vitamins increased, and the level of preservatives is reduced. But sugar in its pure form it is better to refuse at all. The body is enough contained in fruit sucrose and fructose. Thus it is necessary to eliminate the hidden sugar contained in the yogurt, curds and other useful at first glance, the products.

Over time, the need for food will decrease, the weight normalized, and with it the level of sugar in the blood. In the end, it's really become a way of life.