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There are diseases, timely identification and initiation of treatment which may save a man's life.

diabetes mellitus is such a disease: knowing about it, can live with him.


When is diagnosed with: diabetes?

it is important to know that only one analysis with high rates of sugar diabetes is not diagnosed!

For diagnosis should be taken two blood tests, and not necessarily in the same day: first in the morning, with a potential patient should not consume any food or water. The second time the analysis is taken at a random time, throughout the day, no matter what and when people ate. If the indicators exceed a first analysis of 6.1 ml/l, and the indicators of random fence - more of 11.1 ml/l, the patient is diagnosed with "diabetes mellitus".

the Reason for going to the doctor and the blood analysis can become self-detection of a person the following symptoms:

- Increased urine separation in the usual amount used of the liquid;

is a Constant dry mouth, in any weather and at any time of the day;

- Increased demand for water (if you do avoid overheating of the body);

- Constant feeling of weakness;

Itching of the external genitalia.

If you have at least two symptoms from this list - this is a serious occasion to address to the endocrinologist.

However, one phrase "diabetes mellitus" formulation of diagnosis for such patients does not end. As a rule, in the history of the disease further specifies the type of diabetes:

1. Diagnosis: Insulin-dependent diabetes. This is a more severe form of diabetes. Such a patient has to take artificial hormone which his body refuses to develop. The type of the hormone insulin and its dosage can be prescribed only by a doctor.

2. Diagnosis :non-Insulin-dependent diabetes. Its insidiousness lies in the fact that it is hidden. Of these objective symptoms characteristic of diabetes in a patient with type II diabetes may not be present none or only felt a strong dry mouth. If there is a thirst and excessive fluid from the body, so the disease is already fairly launched.

diabetes mellitus of the first type most often diagnosed in young people, aged approximately forty years. 2 of the same type can cause a sedentary lifestyle, infection, stress, mental strain. It most often occurs in Mature or old age.