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Statistics of diabetes mellitus Diabetes mellitus is a well-known chronic disease of endocrine system. According to statistics data, the frequency of diabetes appearance is on the third place after cancer and diseases of cardiovascular system.

Statistics also says that 5-6% of the population suffers from diabetes mellitus. However, this data is about found and officially registered cases. Actual number of people suffering from diabetes is much bigger because there are many people who have a latent form of the disease, which is not shown until some particular symptoms are being presented.

Diabetes mellitus, world figure stats

Every year, the number of people suffering from diabetes mellitus is growing. Every ten years this number is almost doubled. In 2011, there were 366 billion of people, suffering from the diabetes mellitus. To compare the figures: In 1994 there were 110 billion of diabetics, while in 2000 they were around 170 billion. It is expected that till 2025 the total amount will be over 400 billion. In 2011 the official figures in Russian Federation shown 3.5 billions of patients suffering from diabetes. But the real figures are close to 10-12 billions. The stats is very disappointing.

Diabetes mellitus stats

diabetes mellitus stats Diabetes mellitus of 1st type usually can be founded among kids and young people under 30, moreover, the women are suffering from it more often than men. This is a very complicated type of diabetes, which is found in 10% of patients. Diabetes of 2nd type can be founded among aged people over 40, and it is seen in 85% of all cases, where the patients are overweight. It has a steady progress, without any outer signs, and this is the main reason why it is found occasionally, in the course of planned medical examinations for other diseases. Noteworthy, the audience of diabetes of second (2nd) type in Russian has become younger: there are many cases of the disease in children and teens of age 12-16.

Diabetes mellitus of 1st type can be found in all countries of the world, and diabetes mellitus of 2nd type can be found, mainly, in countries with high level of life - USA, France, Germany, Australia, Sweden and others.

Diabetes mellitus is the dangerous disease because of its complications. According to the stats about about 50% of patients suffering from diabetes die because of pyelonephritis, myocardial infarction, limb atherosclerosis or urolithiasis. Every year one million of people lose their feet, and over 700 thousands – eyesight. Every five seconds the number of diabetics is increased by one person, while every seven seconds one patient with this diagnosis dies.