Diabetes insipidus - diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition
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diabetes insipidus dietWhen diabetes insipidus strenuously loses sodium and accumulates potassium, hypoglycemia is observed, is the disintegration of tissue protein. Decreases, appetite disappears patient. Therefore, an important diet and diet of the patient. Otherwise, you may experience dehydration, dry skin and mucous membranes, vomiting and nausea, fast heartbeat, fever, mental disorders, blood clots and other troubles.

Diet of diabetes insipidus is aimed at decrease in urination. Patients are recommended medical diet в„–7, в„–10 and, partially, diet в„–15 (with the issuance of the salt on your hands). In the diet should be included a lot fresh vegetables, sour-sweet fruit and berries, such as citrus, apples BlackBerry, red currant. Recommended juices (not concentrated, diluted), green tea, kvass, lemon water or "askorbinki".

diet in diabetes insipidus restrict proteins (60-70 g). Carbohydrates and fats - without restriction (about 30% of the total). The food is prepared without salt, the daily dose of 4-5 g is handed to "manual more salt" prepared food. Vitamins A, b and C. decreased consumption of potassium (to exclude from a diet rich in potassium foods). Eat and spices: the dried fruits of anise, caraway, coriander, cardamom, fennel seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla. The ban on pepper (black and red), mustard, vinegar. Instead of salt - sanasol - dietary salt (if not kidney failure).

Also in the diet food allowed milk and fermented milk drinks: kefir, ayran, etc. Should be consumed a lot lean meat (animal protein), wild fish, seafood, egg yolks. In the diet should be rich in phosphorus, required for brain activity.

the Approximate daytime diet in diabetes insipidus:


On the night allowed to drink jelly, e.g., grape. During the day - a little white bread, butter and sugar. Plentiful drink is necessary - because the body loses lots of water during dehydration and must compensate.

Diet diabetes insipidus, however, as diabetes, not to cure completely, but long and sustainable quality of life can be provided.