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diabetes Insipidus testsdiabetes Insipidus is a disease in which a person suffers from constant urination, perpetual thirst and dehydration.

Doctors still can not give an exact answer, which is why there is a diabetes. It is worth noting that diabetes is of two types: diabetes insipidus and. Insipidus is characterized, unlike sugar, drawback, which occurs in the blood. And in the body lacks the hormone vasopressin. Also happen that the kidneys at one point just stop responding to this hormone.

But how to identify this disease? Better to refer the matter to the doctor and get tested, because to think and to speculate is not the best option in this case. After the loss of a large number of fluid from the body can lead to dehydration and consequently to serious consequences.

naturally, treatment for diabetes insipidus should start as early as possible, to deal with progressive in the body disease. The word "diabetes" always makes people panic. And there is no matter what he types. Immediately arises the idea that it is incurable and the cross have to carry all my life, but if you start treatment of diabetes insipidus in the early stages, you will have more opportunities to overcome the disease, to provide health and well being. The first step of diabetes treatment is testing.


get tested for diabetes insipidus

If you feel that you have the first signs of the disease, it is possible to delay the visit to the doctor is not worth it. The therapist will ask you to pass certain tests to diagnose whether you have diabetes insipidus or maybe you suffer some other disease. So, you have to pass the analysis of urine Nechiporenko, urinalysis, blood for hormones and biochemistry. Only after receiving the test results the doctor will be able to safely supply you with a diagnosis and begin treatment. Treatment must be prescribed by a doctor based on the individual condition of each patient.

Pass the required tests listed above, to identify the Central diabetes insipidus can be almost anywhere as the free public hospitals and private centers. Itself diagnosis of this disease is very rare. Laboratory diagnosis of diabetes implies a determination of osmolarity of blood serum and urine. But, unfortunately, it is not all clinics. In addition to all the tests, may be assigned the administration of the test, including fluid restriction. In General, the most common survey to determine VAT is the examination of the specific weights of urine, which is done in portions during the day. This survey is conducted in any medical institution.