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women's diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus is not a death sentence of today. People suffering from diabetes may live long and full life. However, to escape many undesirable consequences during this incurable disease its treatment should be done under constant control of doctors. According to stats, 6% of the present population of the Earth is suffering from diabetes mellitus, and some forecasts are saying that in 10-15 years the number of patients affected by this disease may be doubled, if humanity will not introduce the propaganda of prophylaxis, or new medical and research programs.

Women have diabetes mellitus more often than men. The reason for that lies in the inheritance of the disease, which is conveyed by female descendants. At the initial phases of the disease female patients may employ phytotherapy as a standalone or auxiliary method of disease treatment.

There is a mistaken viewpoint that says that diabetes mellitus is caused by the excessive consumption of sugar. However, it happens very often because this disease is transmitted and inherited. The high risk exists for women whose mothers had diabetes mellitus. Aside from inheritance, there are many other reasons to get sick for women. The risk group contains people who love fast food, do not have enough movement in their life (non-active lifestyle), and have pernicious habits or excessive weight. Sooner or later the pancreatic gland stops producing insulin, the blood and urine level of glucose raises.

Women's symptoms and signs of diabetes mellitus

What are signs of diabetes that are present and can be found in women? The following symptoms should draw everybody’s attention: pigment spots on the skin of face and hands, poor condition of nails and hair, weakness and fragility, irregular menstruations, quick loss or gain of the weight, constant thirst, skin itching, fainting, fatigue and weakness and also slow wound healing can be a symptom of diabetes mellitus.

But you shouldn’t lose your hope in case one or more symptoms mentioned have been found, the symptoms are not enough and patient has to have the blood and urine analyzed for diabetes mellitus plus full physical examination completed by doctor. The disease of diabetes mellitus does not come in one day. At some point it is still possible to reverse it. A timely visits to endocrinologist as well as obeying to all doctor’s rules and directions may help to prevent progress of the disease.

The most frequent symptom of diabetes mellitus found in women is the excessive weight, metabolism disorder and numerous gynecologic diseases. Very often plump women do not go to visit a professional nutritionists, instead they try to use some strict diets, take doubtful medications, wishing to get slick and well by any means and at any cost. To avoid the appearance of diabetes women that have some excessive weight should get back to normal shape under the supervision of doctors and after full physical examination.

women's diabetes mellitusThe most dangerous diabetes appears in the course of pregnancy. About all found symptoms pregnant woman should immediately report to her attending doctor to escape various complications.

The diabetes mellitus is rough and snaky that is why since their childhood the girls have to go in for sports, be active, eat healthy food, avoid pernicious habits, see doctors regularly to find signs and symptoms of the disease and monitor their own health constantly.

Women’s diabetes mellitus treatment

Women diabetes mellitus treatment should include the diet, prescribed medications that help to decrease level of blood sugar, healing exercises and limited overall and not-healthy physical activity; these are measures to prevent complications. Diet plays a special role for a woman with diabetes mellitus. The diet of female patient should contain balanced set of fats, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Quantity of animal fats and easily digested carbohydrates and their consumption should be limited, while the consumption of vegetable oils, soy, farmer cheese, oatmeal must be raised. The food time should be in synchronized with intake of anti-hyperglycemic medications.

Moderate physical training is prescribed to all patients that have diabetes. The level of the physical load depends of age, disease stage and progress, heart condition of the patient and other. Remember that training parameters are individual for each human and they should be worked out by a pro.

The medications, which decrease the level of glucose, are: insulin, anti-hyperglycemic pills as well as some medicinal plants. Insulin is prescribed to patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus of 1st type and in some cases to some patients that have diabetes mellitus of 2nd type, if any other medications are ineffective (in most cases these patients are pregnant women). Any medications should be prescribed by the endocrinologist.

Medicinal plants, which are recommended to women suffering from diabetes mellitus, are: blackberry, fox berry oat, walnut leaves, bean pods, chicory, wild strawberry. All herbal products are taken before the meals.

The female patient should be well informed about her disease, trained well to measure the level of sugar and should be able to sustain compensated condition. In case of the correct diagnosis, adequate treatment, regular control of sugar level will help any female patient to return to normal and full life.