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Diabetes mellitus in aged peopleMany researches that were conducted by doctors in different countries last year, have proven the fact that older people suffer from diabetes mellitus more often than younger or adult men. It is shown that for 100 of people of 20 years old this disease is found in 3 persons, while the same number of people of 60 years old shows 20 patients with this disease. The older people are, the bigger is quantity of patients with certain disease among them.

There are many reasons for appearance of this disease. One of them is family aptitude (inherited diabetes) or even excessive weight in older age. Therefore such people have to move more and find some kind of occupation or hobby that requires some kind of physical activity. Smoking is one of the atherosclerosis igniters. It affects heart’s blood vessels, cerebrum and pancreatic gland: all these factors lead to appearance of diabetes mellitus.

This disease is dangerous also because it is difficult to find it from the beginning, and it can be found only when some other diseases are diagnosed. Only then it becomes known that patients have been suffering from faints, fatigue and drowsing. The cells of pancreatic gland in older age due to sclerotic changes cannot keep up with sufficient production of insulin. So, as result, metabolism is disturbed. The sugar that comes in organism has no time to be transformed into glycogen so fat is used as energy source instead and ketones (ketone bodies) start poisoning the organism. Result may be unpredictable and it leads to diabetic coma of aged patients. In the background of diabetes mellitus other diseases may progress and develop causing apparition of complications.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus in case of old-aged patients

In order to complete timely and correct treatment, it is necessary to diagnose the disease. Every three months patient has to pass the blood test and analysis: first time – on empty stomach, second time - 2 hours after the breakfast.

In case of diabetes mellitus doctors prescribe special diet. The diet of aged people with diabetes mellitus should exclude the sugar, sweeties and sweet juices. No fats are allowed. Instead, patient has to take a closer look at fruits, vegetables and porridges. The nutrition process should be fractional. Meals during the day should be taken up to 5-6 times, then blood sugar level will go down significantly.

If the diet is not sufficient, and blood sugar level is around 6-8 mmol/L, then special medications are prescribed. Most of them are in form of pills. Usually pills for aged people are gliquidone, repaglinide, acarbose and others. Dosage of medications must be assigned by personal doctor for every particular patient individually.

In case of complications and blood sugar level growth along with medication intake, the insulin is prescribed.

But main principles of treatment of this disease in case of aged and younger patients are not very different.