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Men's diabetes mellitusMen's diabetes mellitus has a lot in common with women's diabetes mellitus, yet it is a bit different from that. The cause of diabetes mellitus is the disorder of endocrine system and specifically of one of its organs. This organ is pancreatic gland. Usually pancreatic gland is affected by stresses. Most often, pancreatic gland stops or decreases secreting of insulin under the influence of stress. This phenomenon is called hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia leads to a vast metabolism disorders in the organism. The metabolisms of fats, carbohydrates, minerals, salt and water are broken or disturbed. Predisposition to this disease relies on patient’s inheritance. Diabetes mellitus exists of two types: 1 and 2. 1st type is manifested due pancreatic gland cell problems, there’s no specific age of patients - people of all ages can be affected by this disease. This type is called insulin-dependent as its only way of treatment is so-called replacing therapy. Diabetes of second type is pertained to aged people. Its primary cause is excessive weight. The pancreatic gland cells are not destroyed, but they begin to produce too many hormones. In this case, it is recommended to eat less foods containing big quantity of sugar and the blood sugar level is decreased by patient with using of various prescribed medications.

As it was said earlier the progress of this disease has particular features for different people. Men's diabetes affects sexual functions. It may cause a disorder or complete absence of libido, ejaculation and orgasm. The disease influences the reproductive function. The DNA may be affected by a high level of blood sugar, which is able to decrease the amount of sperm.

Men's diabetes symptoms and signs

Men's diabetes mellitusThe men's diabetes symptoms are almost the same as those of women. Excessive urination and strong thirst are the initial symptoms. This happens because kidneys require additional liquid to dissolve the excessive sugar concentration, and it results in bladder fullness. In case of disease of 1st type, this may be combined with producing of insulin rejection by body cells. At this point the organism has a lack of glucose and it leads to weight loss and quick fatigue. Quick weight loss without a special diet and quick fatigue are symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Symptoms of diabetes mellitus of 2nd type may be anemia of limbs or their tingling. This is the result of neuropathy. Men's and women's symptoms of the disease are the same, but there is some difference in between them. The women are more inclined to gain the weight and this is the key reason why their systems and organs are more prone to problems. The most of men's are about problems related to sexual and reproductive functions.

If one or more symptoms are manifested, it is necessary to pass the biochemical blood test. Later constant control of blood sugar is required. Treatment of diabetes mellitus can be completed in two different ways: in replacing therapy and medication intake. Today this disease is no more a death sentence. The diabetics may live like other people and be active during their lifetime. Nevertheless, diabetes is a way of life. It requires a special diet. The people depending on insulin should eat regularly and correctly. Patients with 1st type of diabetes should always have a dose of insulin with them. Patients with second type of diabetes have to have a piece of sugar with them because the medications they intake may decrease the level of sugar significantly. To restore potency, there exist various rehabilitation measures. At the same time no stimulators, like viagra are allowed. In any case and in any type of disease it is recommended to man to get rid of the excessive weight.