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neonatal diabetes mellitusIf the child was born with diabetes - the situation is complicated, but not critical. The main thing - time to understand that the baby is sick. The cause of diabetes in newborns stems from a stressful condition of mother and toxicosis even when he was still in the womb. Because of this, increased levels of glucose all goes to diabetes. But when a baby is born, it is difficult to understand whether he had some disease...

still, diabetes does not go unnoticed, so on some of the symptoms you can identify its presence in your child. Since when is urinating large quantities of liquid, during sleep the child will leave such "traces" on the diaper. After washing a feel for whether the fabric is rough, like it crisp. If the feeling is worth thinking about the health of the newborn.

If your child has very frequent and copious urination, do not assume and don't guess, bring your child to the doctor and take the tests. They will be able to shed light on the real situation. Babies with progressive diabetes will be elevated levels of sugar and acetone. Another look at the child's behavior. If he is weak, inactive, constantly wanders and wants to sleep, not gaining weight, he often observed vomiting, and breathing and stale with the smell of acetone is run to the doctor! Better safe than sorry.

babies are at increased risk of disease and diabetes, should be closely monitored by doctors. That is, if they are very sensitive, experience all by yourself, then such a greater chance of developing diabetes. Better to notice the stress and tackle its causes, and health then the child will be stronger.

When symptoms of the disease are known, should be given the methods by which you can protect yourself and your children from this problem. So, if the above examples of the child's behavior and his body were found in your Chad, and the result of the tests showed that the diabetes is still there, then you should begin intensive treatment as the situation worsened. The dietitian developed an exclusive system of nutrition, where have all the necessary vitamins and substances for the growth and development of the child.

talk often with your child, make him feel more confident and calmer. Don't forget to visit doctors regularly and send the blood for tests. If you try to treat and treatment is responsible, it will be possible in time to stop the progressive development of diabetes mellitus in newborns and cured.