Diabetes in dentistry - removal, treatment, prosthetics, implantation

The periodontal
Dry mouth


diabetes mellitus in dentistryDiabetes mellitus is the cause of some of the features of the oral cavity. In particular, in diabetic patients, due to high level of glucose in the blood and blood circulation in the soft tissues, there is a feeling of dry mouth, decreased salivation, develops cheilosis. In addition, in the oral cavity is actively growing the number of pathogenic microorganisms. There are also changes in the structure of tooth enamel, which is the cause of high levels of dental caries.

In patients see a significant weakening of the protective functions of the organism, therefore, increases the risk of exposure to infections. These infections cause serious diseases of the oral cavity, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease.

Early diagnosis of oral diseases and their timely treatment play a crucial role in the preservation of the teeth. Therefore, a diabetic patient should visit a dentist with such regularity that endocrinologist. Thus, for choosing dentistry should be approached carefully. It should be remembered that the dentist should be familiar with the specifics of treatment and prosthetics in patients with diabetes.


dental Treatment with diabetes, dentistry

dental Treatment in patients with diabetes is performed with a compensated form of the disease. In the case of serious infectious diseases in the oral cavity, the treatment can be performed and uncompensated diabetes, but only after taking the dose of insulin. The patient compulsorily prescribe antibiotics and analgesics.

as for anesthesia, then it can only be used in a compensated state. Only in this case can be freely used local anesthesia.


Prosthetics and implantation of teeth with diabetes

tooth removal in diabetes mellitusProsthetics in diabetes mellitus requires special knowledge on the part of a dentist. Because not every doctor knows that patients with diabetes significantly increased the pain threshold, they have severely reduced immunity, and they get tired quickly.

dentures for diabetics should meet the requirements for proper redistribution of the load. They must be made of special materials - from Nickel-chromium and cobalt-chromium alloys. Since, widely used in the prosthetics of metal compounds affect the quantity and quality of saliva and can cause allergic reactions.

today's Most popular ceramic crowns are used for prosthetics patients with diabetes mellitus and its durability and aesthetic properties are not inferior to the best performance.

dental Implants in diabetic patients possible. However, in this case it must be done with great caution and only a good specialist who knows all the nuances of dental implants in diabetics. In this implantation should be performed only when compensated diabetes.


is the Removal of teeth with diabetes

tooth extraction in a patient with diabetes mellitus can lead to the development of acute inflammation in the oral cavity. And indeed the removal procedure may cause decompensation of the disease. Therefore, to remove the tooth should in the morning hours after the injection of insulin. The dose of insulin needs to increase. Immediately before surgery you should rinse your mouth with an antiseptic.