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Diabetes kids There is a hypothesis that diabetes mellitus is pertained to the adults, but it is not entirely so. In the real life there are new born babies, having the endocrine system disorders like, for example, the blood insulin deficit. Unfortunately, there are cases of diagnoses of the disease to kids in age of 6 and earlier and also to teenagers too.

The insulin deficit may be caused by a few factors, that are grouped according to a type of diabetes mellitus.

The 1st type of disease makes the organism to treat the insulin like foreign substance so systems of organism work to liquidate it. Thus, the pancreatic gland secretes endocrine cells and antibodies that kill them; this causes the raise of blood sugar concentration.

Second type of disease is manifested by insulin deficit, caused by small or its insufficient secretion by cells. This leads to the sugar accumulation in blood, because low level of hormones doesn't allow to control the substances that come with the kids' food.

Reasons of appearance of diabetes mellitus of 1st type in children.

The general interactive disorder in working between the pancreatic gland and organism.
Inherited proneness to diabetes. The diseases like this may have not just in parents, but in close relatives too. Though this reason is not prevailing for this type of disease, but in some cases it is proven.
The consequences of the past infections.
The weak immune system.
The absence of correct and balanced diet.

Second type of diabetes mellitus in children and its causes.

Genetics. The most frequent targets of blood sugar disorders are kids, whose relatives are in the group of patients.
Excessive weight and disorder of metabolism.
If children are limited in physical movements.
Strong nervous stresses.
Consumption of medications, containing hormones, diuretics.
Infection and virus diseases, including parotitis and bastard measles.

The most prevailing symptoms of diabetes mellitus in children and teenagers.

The development of diabetes mellitus, irrespective of its type, may be grouped in the list of features. The symptoms of high level of blood sugar may be:
Constant feeling of hunger and absence of fullness.
Dryness of mucous membranes.
Constant feeling of thirst.
Frequent urination and incontinence and there exist some specific "spots" on baby linen.
Quick fatigue, drowsing and weakness.
Weight loss.
Vomit and disorders of bowel movement.
Frequent headaches.

Apart from main symptoms there may to be presented also weakening eyesight, limb itching, skin problems, including fungal and septic.

In case of the disease of 1st type, the symptoms of kids are very apparent, featuring the quick progress of the disease. The disorder of blood sugar level may progress for a few weeks and sometimes days. In case of the diabetes mellitus of second type, the symptoms may be not apparent, which makes early diagnosing of the disease harder. The patient may be not suspect decreasing of insulin concentration for a few years in his organism.

What threats may cause a delay in diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in children and teenagers.

The patients, whose diabetes mellitus was diagnosed at early stages, are undergoing preventive measures much better that help to restore level of blood insulin. Medical practice shows that in case if it was diagnosed diabetes mellitus of first type to kid and if the required measures were timely applied, then little patient has good chances to restore the normal functioning of pancreatic gland. This gives the possibility to organism to maintain the required level of blood sugar, but it does not eliminate the probability of appearance of diabetes mellitus of 2nd type.

In case if required measures in diagnostics and cure of disorders of endocrine system were not applied in in time, then consequences may be very serious. This causes frequent faints, organism weakening, affected kidneys as well as other internal organs and skin layers. It may affect patient's vision, appearance or aggravation of cardiovasculare disfunctions and also slowed sexual maturation.

The diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus in children and teenagers.

To get a diagnose you should complete blood analyses for determining of glucose level. The blood can be taken on empty stomach and in any random moment of time. In case of inconsistency of the fundamental indications, the patient is directed to the endocrinologist to pass additional examinations. Depending on the phase and type of the disease, a professional specialist should prescribe the corresponding preparations, that keep the level of insulin, and also strict diet and other preventive measures. In case of the diabetes mellitus of first type, insulin is injected to kid from the very beginning. In case of disorders caused by second type of this disease, they prescribe medications and in case of failure of medications, the insulin injections are the least-evil measure.

The diet is an integral part of the treatment of the existing types of diabetes mellitus. The diet for child is formed in such a way to give enough nutritional substances, but no prevailing foods with high calories. It is pity that list of prohibited products contains sweets that are loved by children. In this case parents can introduce into ration small amount of fruits and a spoon of honey by the doctor's permission. The food should contain minimum quantity of animal fats. It is preferable to eat lean meat, fish and chicken without skin. The diet for every patient is corrected by a nutritionist and it depends on the type of diabetes and its progress. In case if there is a new food included in menu, it is obligatory to have analyses for blood sugar level, proving the absence of negative influence on insulin.

Besides the modern measures of treatment of endocrine system disfunctions, there are traditional medicinal remedies, that help normalize the blood sugar level. Any of such treatment should be approved by endocrinologist and under strict control.

Measures of diabetes mellitus prevention for children and teenagers.

In order to prevent the appearance of diabetes mellitus in children or teenager organism as well as to diagnose its appearance on early stages, there are few rules to follow.
diabetes childrenIf there are relatives that have the disease, it is necessary to pass physical examinations and have blood tests regularly.
If some, even the tiniest symptoms are found, they must be reported to a doctor and analysed by him.
In order to decrease the risk of disorders of endocrine system, mothers shouldn't give up breast-feeding of babies. It is not only best preventive measure against diabetes mellitus, but also against many other diseases.
If babies have some excessive weight, then it is necessary to correct its feeding.
It is necessary to limit the consumption of foods, that contain a lot of sugars, carbonhydrates and artificial ingredients.
It is useful to walk outside and to do moderate physical exercises on a regular basis.
All prophylaxis injections should be done timely so it will help to exclude such serious diseases like bastard measles, parotitis and so on.
If the immunity is weakened there must be applied some measures to support it.

In case if child got the diagnose of diabetes mellitus, you should'n lose your hope. It is necessary to learn the kids to follow the diet, check blood sugar level and visit to see the doctor when needed, plus take the prescribed medications, including insulin. If following recommendations will be completed, it is possible for child to live like others, and in future to make a family and accomplish identified goals.