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diabetes mellitus in infantsdiabetes in children-infants is quite rare. It is usually detected accidentally, for example in diabetic coma, which is often mistaken for an infection, or severe stage of ketoacidosis. Most importantly, what to look for and what is the main sign of the presence of diabetes mellitus in infants is low weight term baby at birth and after.

In infants this disease is very difficult because of the liver insufficient amount of reserve glycogen causes acidosis, i.e. increased acidity of the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

typically, diabetes in infants appears not casual, they have already been born with this disease. Diabetes mellitus, as in newborns and infants can be of two types: primary and secondary.

Primary genetically. The defect at the genetic level can be expressed either in the form violation of the synthesis, neutralization of insulin or increasing insulin resistance or insulin tissues.

the Secondary could develop due to infectious or degenerative lesions of the islet apparatus.


Signs of diabetes in infants

the Clinical symptoms that indicate the presence of diabetes in infants occur in the first months of their lives. As a rule, children who were born at term, have a weight of less than 2500 grams, and in the first months of life weight may increase only for 1 kilogram. The baby skin is wrinkled and sagging. The children are very restless constantly thirsty. Exhaustion and chronic constipation. All visible signs of the presence of the described diseases. In a clinical study of blood it is observed hyperglycemia, and in the urine - glucosuria. Inadequate breathing in a child is pronounced a symptom of diabetes. But fails to recognize the presence of diabetes in infants can only complete examination and clinical analysis of blood and urine.

Many moms noticed the smell of acetone breath from his breast. It is also a sign of this disease. Timely and adequate treatment will help get rid of this disease. But if it appeared because of mutations at the genetic level, we fully recover from diabetes will fail, thanks to modern drugs it will be possible to maintain the proper blood sugar levels in order to ensure the normal life of a child.