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obesity and diabetesOne of the common diseases afflicting humankind - diabetes. This disease, as many scientists believe, is inherited. At least it is believed that the risk of developing diabetes increases if a parent is sick.

Now about 200 million people have the disease diabetes mellitus is the medical forecasts predict that in twenty years this number will double. However, this information only about registered cases, in the initial stages of diabetes is almost asymptomatic, so we can assume that the actually number is higher, possibly twice. At the moment, in the world among people with diabetes not only people of Mature and advanced age, but, unfortunately, and young people.

it is Known that diabetes disproportionately affect people who are overweight - it is a pattern, and as a growing number of people with obesity, and diabetes - scientists is dire forecasts - most likely will have most of these people. According to some sources only in the United States by 2030, 40 percent of the population will suffer from obesity, and it is likely that most of them will be exposed to the disease. And when you consider that diabetes is inherited, the growth of the disease will progress, if not to find a reliable means.

sports and diabetesIn this area is ongoing active research. Many scientists are engaged in predictions of the incidence, diagnosis of the disease, keep statistics and surveillance.

the Most effective method to combat diabetes is to change your lifestyle. It is not only the food prescribed by the physician, but also an attitude to life, more active, positive and low stress. The main problem for people with diabetes - to get rid of excess weight. A person complete, but without diabetes, it is much easier, so for diabetics has developed a special pill that affect body fat. With weight loss the disease easier, and reduces the risk of unwanted complications. Also a methodology was developed-the forecast, allowing to identify the predisposition to diabetes ten years before the possible onset of the disease. This precaution allows you to take action on time and take care of your health in advance.

Thus, the old truth that movement is life, gets a new confirmation. It is noticed that among people who regularly go in for sports and leading an active healthy lifestyle, diabetics are very, very rare. So exercise regularly and stay in good health.