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Diabetes mellitus and sport In case of diabetes mellitus, sport and physical exercise are very important in treatment of the disease. Today they are listed as a mandatory part of treatment of this disease. Due to sport and physical activities the tissues sensitivity to insulin goes up. Physical exercises are not only increasing its effect, but also bring effect of decreasing of quantity of usage of any glucose preparations. More physical exercises are being done; the better is functioning of blood circulation system and blood coagulation, lipid metabolism and cardiovascular system. After certain complex of exercises, the hypertension is decreasing and risk of macro- and micro-angiopathy appearance is minimal.

Various physical exercises and various sports help to reduce body weight in case if patient has overweight. Even for aged people suffering from diabetes mellitus, in case of physical activities, it is possible to increase insulin sensitivity of tissues with no weight loss.

When a man goes in for sports, his energy source is glucose, that is being accumulated in muscles. Then the glucose of liver is used; moreover, if the muscles use this material faster than it may be delivered from liver, so then blood glucose level goes down.

Very important complex of exercises is the course of special exercises for diabetics. It is possible to decrease the blood sugar level by doing them, and such activities will not cause any complications ever.

Diabetes mellitus and sportAt start patient has to bring the body up and down on toes around fifteen times, while leaning against the wall or standing with chair. Then patient should sit in full squat position and get up five to ten times; using the help of chair is also possible. After these two exercises, there may be a short break. To do that patient has to lie down at the wall, level up legs to make an angle of 60 degree in between the floor and legs and then put them against the wall. It is necessary to stay in this position for five minutes. After that, it is possible to sit in the chair and using a gripper fixed on toes try to bend them for about 15 times.

Also, apart from the exercises, patient should remember about morning exercises for diabetics. This complex of physical exercises must be carried out every morning. It is able to sustain constant amount of blood sugar and even lead to its decrease. Every patient should remember about importance of morning exercises in case of such disease.

However, there is no need to start doing exercises right upon your awaking. Exercises should be done before your breakfast. Also you should start from slow movements and if it is necessary to change the speed to do faster ones. This may make your body agile and you will feel strong and active whole day.

In the course of sports and physical exercises for diabetics patient has to pay attention to the organism and define the correct work-load. It is harmful to overload the body. Therefore, to find an optimal number of rounds for every exercise, patient has to start with a few rounds and add more supplementary rounds every day. If the current load is easy to do, then it is possible to increase the total number of exercises.

One of the best physical exercises for the organism suffering from diabetes mellitus are race-walking and joggling. These exercises give a required load to muscles, and it improves overall health condition.

sport and diabetes Quantity of physical activities should be enough to load patient's body, but without any hardships during the performance. Otherwise, it may be harmful to whole organism. The attending doctor should point out the approximate load and of course frequency of exercises. Physical exercises are used to to improve patient's health, to make him or her stronger and have a better stamina. That is why there is no need to speak about the use and benefits of such exercises. Everybody understands that it is possible to decrease blood sugar level by completing these exercises.

For example, there may be the following sets of exercises. Patient should sit in the chair and perform every exercise ten times. In the beginning, it is necessary to warm up the legs by slanting up toes and bending them down. Later it is possible to slant them up with heels standing on the ground. After that, patient has to bring legs up so that soils are in parallel with the floor, the toes are off, bend knees, and put feet on the ground. Such exercises are great for feet and knees. Following exercises should be performed in standing position and resting should be done on the chair. In the beginning, patient has to roll the body weight from heels to toes and toes go up and down to the floor. In case of patient’s interest for doing exercises on the floor, he must to perform the following sequences of physical exercises. Lying on the back, the legs are raised up vertically, without bending them in knees. If it is difficult to do that, then it is possible to help yourself and hold the legs with hands. In this position feet should 'draw' circles in the air. Every round must last at least two minutes.