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diabetes heel paindiseases Such as diabetes dangerous for its possible consequences, the process of complications which may be irreversible. In most cases, they can progress behind the scenes than increase the risk of dangerous diseases which lead to disability and death.

Among many, are characteristic of this disease complications, most frequently manifesting are skin conditions: dry and itchy skin, pigmentation, osteoporosis, lesions of the musculoskeletal system, various diseases of the oral cavity and many others. Not less common complications include neuropathy. For this disease in diabetes characterized by severe pain in the heel, which at the first stage, many patients perceived normal discomfort, misleading them. In fact, such pain arise in case of serious complications of diabetes mellitus and requires immediate referral to an endocrinologist.


Pain in the heels in diabetes

For people with diabetes, characterized by the violation of blood circulation in the lower extremities, resulting in increased sensitivity to fungal infections and bacteria. The foot can sustain enormous loads while walking and running, but heel bone, through which blood vessels, is very vulnerable and susceptible to different injuries. The difficulty of treating this disease is that nerve damage that is characteristic of neuropathy, reduces sensitivity to pain, allowing you to discover the wounds and cracks in skin at the initial stage. At night can disturb cramps, skin becomes dry, leading to peeling. It is also characteristic of periodic numbness and tingling of the lower extremities. Most often, the leg of the patient with diabetes has a healthy appearance, but patients concerned about shooting pains in my heels.


Cracked heels diabetes and treatment

cracked heels diabetesAbout a serious disruption of metabolic processes in the body associated with diabetes can be a sign of cracked heels. Such symptoms as dry skin, blisters, peeling and itching of the skin can occur in any person. But in people with diabetes, these symptoms can lead to such disease as diabetic foot, which often leads to amputation. Because it is very important timely access to a doctor and treatment.

Very well when cracked heels diabetes helps the so-called "healthy bread", which is prepared in the following way:

mix equal amounts of onion juice, aloe Vera, add the same amount of fish oil and flour. Cooked the cake should be applied at night to the heel by wearing a sock over it. In the morning, removing the healing mixture, it is necessary to RUB the heels of a decoction of oak bark, leave to dry and grease nourishing cream.

overall, diabetics with such symptoms should follow the diet recommended by your doctor. It is also necessary to control the content of glucose in the blood, adhering to the required range.

Particular attention should be paid to hygiene. In particular, it is necessary to wash feet in warm water with soap that does not contain lye, and be sure to thoroughly dry your feet, especially between toes.

the choice of footwear should also be treated thoroughly: wear only comfortable shoes, which are sold in special shops for people with pathologies of the feet. It is not recommended to wear Slippers without backs, despite their convenience. Spanking when walking the sole increases the load on the heel, which contributes to the thickening of the skin and the formation of cracks and other foot diseases.