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diabetes every year more and more rapidly affects a large number of people regardless of their age. The major signs include the deterioration of the hairline to the people affected. As a rule, the hair in this disease falls very slowly, but this process lasts long enough.

causes of hair loss in diabetes

the main causes of hair loss in the development of diabetes include impaired regeneration of the human body. The disease adversely affects the condition of the hair, making them thin and dull, weakening and slowing their growth. Always in this disease in the patient violated all metabolic cycles, and the growth of hair. The deterioration of the hairline is primarily associated with stress that will are worried sick person.

in addition, frequent infectious and fungal diseases become a cause of hair loss. Found frequent cases in medicine, when from the scheduled medicines for the treatment of diabetes, any adverse effects, manifested by hair loss.

Prevention of hair loss in diabetes

To prevent the loss of hair in the development of diabetes, you can follow these preventive measures:


Treatment of hair loss in diabetes

there are currently no therapies that will completely cure diabetes. On this basis, the treatment of hair loss is aimed primarily at the exclusion of unfavourable changes in the organism to the condition of the hair follicles.

as a treatment of the phenomenon of hair loss, it is recommended that the immunotherapy is aimed at boosting the immune system of the patient. You should also conduct a complete examination for the presence of hormonal imbalances and metabolic disorders. Treatment consists primarily in the normalization of production of sugar in the blood and supply the body with vitamins A, B, and E, and ascorbic acid.

In the event that hair began to fall, it is not necessary to self-medicate, and it is better to entrust it to an experienced trichologist.