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diabetes China, Chinese medicineIn the modern technological age, people are constantly experiencing the negative impact of the surrounding world, and therefore, if you experience any symptoms of various diseases is always done in the first place, searching for drugs based on natural ingredients in the form of herbal teas and herbal infusions. It is in the basis of the principles of treatment according to the recipes of Chinese medicine is the experience of the ancient herbalists of China, believed in the miraculous power of plants against all diseases, including diabetes.

Chinese medicine sees diabetes as a disease with symptoms such as excessive thirst, high appetite and frequent urination. According to Chinese doctrine, these symptoms are considered in three dimensions San-Jiao, which is responsible for the upper (lungs and heart), middle (stomach) and lower (kidneys and bladder) of the human structure.

In modern alternative medicine China for treatment of the disease are more than 500 species of herbs, other plant components in a specific combination. Unfortunately, all the recipes it is impossible to consider in one article, therefore, will contain exactly the same recipes that have the highest number of positive reviews.

the First recipe for the treatment of diabetes mellitus with Chinese medicine believe that the use of a thick inner layer of skin chicken belly button, which must be carefully washed and dried in the sun or in the oven (temperature should not exceed 40 °C). Dried peel chop and fry until yellow color on low heat with subsequent cooling in the fresh air. The resulting tool is sometimes referred to as "Gold chicken guts". For the treatment of diabetes used 10 g of these "insides" with the addition of 250 g of washed and crushed roots of celery. This mixture you need to pour hot water and cook 40 minutes on low heat. There also add 50 g washed rice and continue to cook everything until tender. The resulting porridge divide into two servings and eat 2 times a day with different fruits.

a lot of recipes of Chinese herbal medicine for diabetes is associated with components such as corn, in its various manifestations. So, one recipe includes corn silk (30-60 g), 15-25 g of resinous secretions on the branches of peaches (gum). Boiled in two glasses of water (about 15 minutes) strain the mixture and drink two times a day before meals for 15 minutes. You can prepare a medicament is much simpler: 500 g of washed corn kernels to cook on low heat until fully cooked (yet not overcooked). The porridge should be consumed 100 grams four times a day.

Adhering to the strict recommendations of Chinese herbal medicine for diabetes can significantly improve their health even if such an unpleasant diagnosis.