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dermatitis diabetes mellitusSevere violations of the metabolic processes characteristic of diabetes mellitus, leads to pathologic changes virtually in all organs and tissues of the body, including in the skin.

currently describes more than thirty kinds of skin lesions that either precede diabetes, or occur on its background. Among them dermatitis. Dermatitis diabetes caused by disturbance of metabolism in the body, disorders of microcirculation and reduction of protective functions of the skin.

the Main symptoms of dermatitis diabetes are the various inflammatory cells on the skin's surface: redness, peeling, rash, papules, pustules, erythema, exfoliating scales, etc.

Often the development of these elements is accompanied by skin itch, which sometimes becomes quite painful. Sometimes there is soreness of the affected skin. A characteristic symptom of this skin disease is also a violation of the sensitivity of the affected areas. The sensitivity can be increased and reduced, sometimes to no. Sometimes the dermatitis may be accompanied by deterioration of the patient: loss of strength, fever, the appearance of headache and muscle and joint pain.

Dermatitis diabetes has different forms, among which the most common atopic eczema or atopic.

the Main cause of atopic eczema is considered an immune defect that is genetically transmitted. A person born with a predisposition to the disease, which develops when the occurrence of conducive conditions. To clinical manifestations of atopic dermatitis include redness, peeling, dryness, thickening of the skin, itchy skin, traces of scratching on the neck, face, head, popliteal fossae, elbow folds, in the folds of the skin.

Often found in diabetes and seborrheic dermatitis, one of the causes is hormonal imbalance. When seborrheic dermatitis occurs increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin and changes in the chemical composition to the sebum. The first sign of the disease is the occurrence of dandruff, further developed the lesions of the scalp, eyelid margins, BTE and nasolabial folds. The dermatitis may extend to the interscapular region and chest.

Different forms of dermatitis diabetes demands its own method of treatment, however there are General guidelines: improving immunity and observance of a hypoallergenic diet.