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foot lesions in diabetes mellitusit is Known that foot lesions and complications of diseases of the feet with diabetes mellitus are frequent. They are called diabetic foot syndrome. It is a condition caused by disruption of the vascular supply and innervation of tissues of the foot, joints and fingers. It leads to trophic ulcers and gangrene fingers and feet tissue, to need surgery or even amputation.


Causes complications

At high concentration in the blood diabetic sugar is a toxic substance and begins to affect the body. By its effect occur pathological changes in the structure of nerves and blood vessels of the whole body, including feet. Lower extremity distant from the heart, so variations become apparent in them. Under the influence of substances glycosylases feet nerves lose myelin sheath and cease to conduct nerve impulses. Simultaneously narrows the lumen of the capillaries and small vessels, is their complete blockage. Come neurological and microvascular disorders, leading to malnutrition tissues.


Symptoms of diabetic foot lesions

Nothing portends complications diabetes. In the initial stage of development, patients have numbness of the feet. Then reduced pain and tactile sensitivity, tendon reflexes of the ankle joint. When congestion ceases to pulse the lesions on the foot. The skin of the feet becomes thinner and the affected is dry and sensitive value. Appear sores and cracks, especially between the toes and on heels. Often patient due to the loss of sensitivity does not notice them in time and they are infected, turning into ulcers.

some diabetics have severe pain in the legs, especially at night. Typically, they become weaker, if the patient with diabetes mellitus lowers his feet to the floor. Due to abnormalities of the nerves gait changes. Muscular sense is lost, therefore, during walking the body weight on the foot is distributed incorrectly. There are "pressure spot" areas of the skin with thick calluses. They are easily injured and in contact with microbes turn into centers of inflammation and ulcers.

due to the disturbance of the General metabolism and local trophic disorders sores and leg ulcers are difficult to treat. The result is tissue death - gangrene develops in the fingers, and later stop.


Prevention of complications

diabetes foot lesions and complications of diseases of the feet connected in the first place, continuing for a long time high blood sugar levels. Therefore, the key to their prevention is the normalization of glucose. Only constant monitoring of its level, adequate and timely treatment will allow to avoid these complications.