Dates with diabetes, is it possible?

Dried apricots


dates diabetesnot so long ago the date for people suffering diabetes was the forbidden sweet fruit. Today it is scientifically proven that daily use of these fairly sweet fruit in moderation does not raise the level of sugar in the blood, and, therefore, acceptable as part of the diet of diabetics. It's all in the properties fructose contained in the fruit. It does not increase the blood sugar level sharply, abruptly, and accordingly, the sparing effect on the organism as a whole.

moreover, dates hinder the development of many diseases associated with destruction of blood vessels arising from diabetes. Such a positive effect they give due to its ability to cleanse the blood vessels from fat and cholesterol plaque.


Dates diabetes

Dates contain a large enough quantity of vitamin a and potassium. Therefore the use of these diabetic fruit in reasonable quantities reduces the likelihood of serious complications with eyesight and cardiovascular diseases, which are also concomitant diseases of diabetes mellitus.

moreover, people suffering from diabetes of any type, are prone to abnormal increase or decrease in weight. Systematic inclusion of dates in diet helps to stabilize body weight and to keep it within normal limits. Because they contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, other trace elements and vitamins needed by the body for proper functioning. Through such a rich content of nutrients it reduces uncontrollable urge for food. Dates diabetes perfectly satisfy hunger and to compensate for the emerging sugar cravings.


is it Possible the dates for diabetes?

you Can, but should not eat them in unlimited quantities. Still, they contain easily digestible carbohydrates that are contraindicated in diabetes mellitus. 100 grams of this fruit contains approximately 20 grams of simple carbs. Also dates are a high calorie product. 100 grams of product contains about 292 calories, so people suffering from diabetes should not consume more than 100 grams of fruits per day. In the daily diet of a diabetic is the amount of carbohydrates must be considered and calculated!

Thus, people suffering from diabetes, you can eat dates, but in limited quantities. In all good measure.