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the Presence of diseases like diabetes, obliges it to comply with dietary restrictions, we have to eliminate from your dietChocolate diabetes certain products. In General, these restrictions relate to food, which in its composition has a large amount of fat and sugar - buns, cakes and pastries. Sweet fruit and berries - grapes and dates, strawberry will also have a negative impact on health is to increase the level of blood sugar.


What to replace the chocolate?

abandonment of the use of sugar-containing products for many people is a big problem. That is why, often discussing the possibility of including in the diet of diabetics chocolate.

is it Possible to have chocolate diabetes mellitus - not so long ago the answer to these words was only negative. The benefits of chocolate, undoubtedly, is great. Substance contained, make this product not only treat, but also medicine. The composition of the cocoa bean from which chocolate is made, polyphenols, which are very useful to reduce the load on the heart and blood vessels as contribute to the bloodstream. There is a whole list of diseases, prevention which is eating chocolate.

Chocolate diabetesin order to get all the nutrients that contains chocolate, but it does not damage the health, you can choose a replacement that does not contain large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar - cocoa powder. A delicious beverage made from cocoa powder, will bring only benefits the body, especially if you eat it in moderation.

as for the chocolate, diabetes under strict prohibition are milky and white varieties of this product with a high calorific value and contains huge amount of carbohydrates. But there is another kind of chocolate bitter. Recent studies of Swedish scientists have proven that this type of chocolate is in the diet of patients with diabetes special place.

is it Possible to have diabetes dark chocolate is not only possible, but necessary. To such sensational conclusion scientists who conducted scientific research in the medical centers of Stockholm. In the experiments it turned out that bitter dark chocolate, where cocoa beans are contained in an amount of 85%, has no effect on blood levels of sugar. But are the benefits enough to recommend this product for regular consumption.

due to the high caloric content of chocolate, it should be limited to a few pieces a day. In so many harm the figure he will not, but will reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, saturate the body with iron, and increase efficiency.

the Only condition for people watching their weight and diabetics - even useful bitter dark chocolate should be no additives. The presence of nuts or raisins will give extra calories that will only hinder beneficial action of chocolate.