Currant diabetes

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currant diabetesCurrant deservedly considered to be a real storehouse of various nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Its fruits contain vitamins such as carotene (provitamin a), C, E, and R.

as they contain pectin, natural sugar (and prevails among them, fructose), phosphoric acid, essential oils and various tannins. It is rich in salts of phosphorus, potassium and iron. It is very important for people suffering from diabetes.

In the leaves and buds of black currant essential oils, phytoncides, vitamin C, magnesium, silver, manganese, copper, sulphur, lead.

it is Quite deservedly considered a leader in content of vitamin C. in order to fully meet the entire daily requirement of the human body in this vitamin, enough to eat only 20 berries.

Due to these properties, black currant promotes overall immunity of the human organism, its improvement and strengthening, as they are very good with all sorts of diseases, including diabetes.

diabetes mellitus currant fruits due to high content of pectin and the prevalence of fructose allowed to eat in any form: fresh, dried and frozen.

Teas and infusions from the leaves, buds and fruit have tonic, anti-inflammatory, a vitamin, diuretic and diaphoretic action. They also stimulate the activity of gastrointestinal tract and improve metabolism, which is very important in the treatment of various complications of diabetes.

For the preparation of decoctions and infusions in diabetes mellitus currant is used as fresh leaves and fully ripe fruits and dried berries, and the leaves have petioles that are harvested from early June to mid-July.

Infusions of fruits and leaves of black currant diabetics are advised to drink half a Cup 4-6 times a day.

1. Diabetes 5-7 chopped fresh leaves or dried 10 grams (one tablespoon) is required pour 200 ml of boiling water (one Cup). Infuse, covered with the lid for 30 minutes.

2. Laugh in equal amounts chopped fresh or dry leaves of currant and blueberry. 10 grams (one tablespoon) of the mixture need pour 200 ml of boiling water (one Cup). Infuse, covered with the lid for 30 minutes.

3. One tablespoon of dried fruit or fresh (pre-mashed) required pour 200 ml of boiling water (one Cup). Infuse, covered with the lid for half an hour.

4. 20 grams of dry fruit of black currant and 20 grams of dried rose hips pour a half liters of boiling water. Then infuse it for 8-10 hours (can be used for this purpose, an ordinary thermos).